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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Sad Thing To Witness

I think it is pretty sad in a way to see what goes around in the scene of music here in Malaysia. To be honest, I feel sad for them but there ain't anything I gotta do. In many ways, I felt somehow blessed with how my parent really brought me up to be me today. Not having the grudge and keep all the negative energy in me. Somehow, I guess patience is the key. I got some great news that I haven't shared out with the world yet. I promise it will be soon. I am waiting to go home and take a picture with it and share it with you guys. I guess this is the highest achievement I have ever had in my entire career.

So far, things are moving really well for me. I have already booked my tickets back to the States, and I really can't wait to go home. So much need to do for renovation and all. But the time will come. I have to just stay put on what I am doing. I am still focusing on getting Oz to the final show. Thankful for the kind words and support shown from my friends. A really great support from MK and the gang. I am so glad to see you and sweetie with Shinigami. So glad you guys came even though a wedding dinner and a rally was going on. Thank you so much for everything.

The show was getting better and better until tonight. For the past few nights on the finale song, I thought it was merely just human mistakes. But tonight, it became obvious that the chords are wrong and all. As usual, I suck it up and wanted to get ready for another blast. But what was really sad was that when I was on the way back to the Taxi stand with the others musicians, and I knew from them that the mistakes was on purpose. And the person admitted it that it was intentional. I was really stuck by it and I don't know how to react. I was really disappointed and thorn down with those words. I was asking one thing to myself, is it wrong that I was taking things too personal earlier and I felt bad about it? My answer is no. This is what passion really drives a person. I do not know and I am not saying that the level of passion towards this. But in many ways, I guess it is a learning process for me. 

Looking back 10years ago, when I started off with my journey, I think I would say I do not know how do I really survive it. But I did. Taking everything in even though it was totally against me. It was a good learning process on this. It takes a lot of courage and patience. To the event I will share with you guys soon, it took me 10 freaking long years. Being exposed and doing all this. I say, it is worth the wait. I know when my parents called me to inform me when the letter was sent to them. That tone within them was beyond a proud parent could give a son. 

I know being in the music industry is not an easy job. Taking the responsibility even though you got nothing to do with it. Yes, we are being misunderstood all the time. Yes, we are being taken in the weirdest way of people don't care at all. I know how it feels. But just being patient. It is not that I do not care about this. But this is what I need to hold on to. When sometimes you are at the top, you gotta suck everything in and take it like a man. Yes, in the most unfair way. I still remember what happen 8 years ago. But looking at myself now, I am kinda glad that I was patient enough to hold on to it. It pays off everything. 

I know it is really a sad thing to see what happen tonight, but what can I do? Tell her not to? The thing is would she listen? To be in show biz, it is a lot of things that is happening sometimes. But we gotta really suck it all up and take it in. It is a learning process. Or is it that the generations had changed? I am not comparing who is superior. But everything is a learning process in life. It is sad to see when they don't take what they are given the chance to shine. I don't know what is really wrong with what they see. This is not like what they think it is. An easy way and a step towards fame. If it was for fame, I would say I am disappointed that I saw the wrong thing in them. I really know how good they can be. But not how good you could tear others down. I know yes, some of the players weren't playing as long as they did. But one thing for sure, to be what they are during the show, it was all hard work and effort to what they are doing. Would thank Venus for coming all the way down from Alor Setar just to do the show for me. The mellow sound that you have was amazing. Good work and I do really see passion that is burning from inside. And to my best buddy Byron too. I know sound quality wise you are getting better and better but to play what you did wasn't something which takes just do it this way. Thank you all for the effort and hard work.

I do not know what will happen but tomorrow night show is extremely important. Our VVIP guest is a fan of art. Since young he supported schools and the achievement of music are to be celebrated by him and his wife. I know I won't be able to say a thing to him tomorrow, but because of you, I have the chance to meet Mr Mitsuo Nonami. Who is a great mentor to me. He gave me all the opportunity in life and to be where I am now. Without him, I would be no one today. Maybe just a sales person.I hope I will be at the best ever condition to give my all tomorrow. I just wish the others would do the same as this musical is something that would really change their path in music. I am glad of all the effort and work I have put in. This is not something to show others what I have done. But to myself. Whenever I walk pass someone who talk about the show, it really put a big smile on me when they were talking about the finale. 

I guess this is life. Just have a little faith, and the results will kinda soar itself. I am glad I was given this chance by my angel to do this. Even now, we were not really talking and I know the pressure she was under and all. I do understand all the actions she have done. I know I am just gonna take it all up and learn as I did for the past decade. I am still grateful and happy when everything goes on. They will be my wings to fly. Music isn't a thing that fame would come. It will never. It is the passion that makes a difference. It is 330am and I just got in not long ago. Time for bed now. Good night world. Gonna sleep with a big smile.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Real Beautiful Moment

Honestly, it was one of the most beautiful day in my life. No matter what is going on doesn't matter at all to me now. I am so blessed with love and care of my love ones and friends. It was the warmest thing that ever happen to me. A great moment in life when it is shared with the one who really matters to me. I am really glad to have such beautiful souls in my life.

I guess now it has been like a habit that I wanna thank those that really really care and love me for who I am. The smile was priceless. And grateful with everything that is happening around me. It was crazy. Special thanks to 3 important souls in my life. Shinigami who drove 4 hours back to KL, MK for always supporting and the great inspiring words, and my sweetie - Ryan! I miss you so much. It is nearly 1 year plus since I last saw you. Thankful to have all the support and love around me.

Special thanks to my mother. Who was working night shift and drove down to KL to see me. Your love and support is ever great. I am thankful for you to give me this life. Daddy, I love you so much too. And stop asking me weird questions! Making me feel awkward doesn't help much! But still thank you so much for everything!

2 shows down. and now it is down with 11 more shows to go. Arriving home at 1am and lying down taking time to write this. There are really places that could make things better. But with the smile and the support! I am relatively speechless. Thankful for everything that is happening around me. You guys were really great. Mikey and Mr G, you guys were ever supportive. With even the help of logistic and everything! I couldn't have possibly done this without you guys. Thank you for all the love.

I am looking forward for the remaining few shows. Friends from the states and Hong Kong will be coming over. I couldn't do this without all the love around. And Shinigami, you showed me something that I am really lacking. Believing more in myself and patience. I know you were really proud of me and sharing all the love around. Thankful to always have you around me. You are really a sunshine to me. Can't wait for you Booblinda Musical. LMAO!

It is 2 in the morning now, I better stop writing and get some rest. It will be 2 more shows tomorrow. Can't wait for it. Remember to get your tickets. We are selling fast. remaining dates available are now left with 2, 3, 5,and 6th May. Hope to see all of you there. Just follow the yellow brick road. Heading off to bed. Yawn~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 New Identity

Landor created a new identity that gave Malaysia Airlines’ A380 service brand a stunning contemporary look, while remaining true to its Malaysian heritage.

As the flag carrier for Malaysia and one of the most awarded airlines in the world, Malaysia Airlines is both a national emblem and a global power. Coming off a year of record losses and also introducing the world’s largest passenger airliner, the Airbus A380, to its fleet, the carrier embarked on a new brand identity for the A380 service to signal change and capture contemporary and premium association.

To work its way back to profitability, Malaysia Airlines unveiled a series of plans, one of which was to utilize the A380 service on the lucrative Kuala Lumpur–London route. Its vision was to imbue the brand with touches of both luxury and Malaysian hospitality. Landor was engaged to develop a positioning and visual identity system to ensure the carrier capitalized on its new asset. Our challenge was to elevate the A380 brand while preserving its unique Malaysian charm.

Landor developed an identity based on the brand’s unmistakable wau bulan (moon kite, one of Malaysia’s national symbols). The wau(traditional Malaysian kite) represents all that the A380 service aspires to be—elegant, beautiful, and truly Malaysian. The red and blue colors of the emblem were replaced with three blue color tones, giving it a more contemporary look and feel. The wau was flipped to allow the new brand to differentiate itself from the rest of the fleet. Other brand applications were also aligned to the new look, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

In the face of increasing competition in the South East Asia region, Malaysia Airlines’ A380 service seeks to capitalize on its unique heritage, setting itself apart from competitors and capture a slice of this lucrative market.

Dance With My Father

Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me and then
Spend me around till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved

If I could get another chance
Another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never ever end
How I'd love love love to dance with my father again

When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way I would run from her to him
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me
Then finally make me do just what my momma said
Later that night, when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me

If I could steal
One final glance
One final step
One final dance with him
I'd play a song that would never ever end
Cause I'd love love love to dance with my father again

Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
I'd hear how my mother cried for him
I'd pray for her even more than me

I know I'm praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don't do it usually
But dear Lord she' s dying to dance with my father again

Every night I fall asleep
And this is all I ever dream

Dedicating to my dad who was always there with his own love towards me. When the whole world doesn't go the way I am heading, you are the only person who always saying the most comforting words. Telling me the way I am heading is what I wanted for my life. You were right that in many ways that bringing me up to be the man I am. We can't change the world but we can change ourselves. Things that I have done was from my heart and I have to keep silent and holding on to the principles that you taught me in. The truth would prevail and all is good.

I love you dad. I know I haven't said this enough. But I really do. You were ever giving me the comfort and strength to go on. Like you always say, This is life. We have to just hold on and everything will pass. I really do not know what to do without the love both of you share with me. Thankful to be home at last.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Second Hand White Baby Grand

My mother bought it second hand from a silent movie star
It was out of tune but I still learn to play
And with each night we both would smile
Forgetting who we are
And all the pain would simply fly away

Something second hand and broken
Still can make a pretty sound
Even if it doesn't have a place to live
The words were left unspoken
When my mama came around
But that second hand white baby grand still have something beautiful to give

The missing keys and broken strings
The music was our own
Until the day we say our last goodbyes
The baby grand was sent away
A child all alone, to pray somebody would realize

Something second hand and broken
Still can make a pretty sound
Even if it doesn't have a place to live
The words were left unspoken
Now that mama is not around
But that second hand white baby grand still have something beautiful to give

For many years the music had to roam
Until we find a way to find our home
So now I wake up everyday and see her standing there
Just waiting for a partner to compose
And I wish my mother still could hear
That sound beyond compare
I'll play her song till everybody knows

But something second hand and broken
Still can make a pretty sound
Don't we all deserve a family room to live
The words can stay unspoken
Until everyone has found that
Second hand white baby grand still have something beautiful to give
I still have something beautiful to give

A beautiful song inspire me about what I do in life. At this very moment, with all the love and support around me, I guess this song put me in the right place. Giving is a grace. I guess with what has installed for me is beautiful yet I am grateful with everything that is around me. Emotionally, I am coping better now and things are putting together. My blessing will always be there. This is the grace that life have given me. Without a doubt, I would not defend anything that comes even in any kinda ways. The beauty of life and music within myself makes me and I know it is such a bliss.

I ask myself now why do I care for how I am being portray? Does it really matters? I guess after what evolve around me I know it is not. I know what I gave was a soul to two beautiful honest tune. I am grateful with all the kind words from all around the world. Like what my angels told me, they will have it at heart. All the problems were like still water on it's surface. When the beauty of giving it a soul, it makes me feel home. Coming back to what I am born to do. Thank you Mr D, who made me really see the light of this.

Second Hand White Baby Grand was sang by Megan Hilty and it was remarkable. I guess the emotions and soul of the song brings us to another world. Looking at the lyrics, I guess I could really relate that emotions. When we were at the point when nothing seems right to do. We just have to take a step back and breath while let all the emotions go. I find life is beautiful as it is. Knowing how weird it could get when things which use to bring me down doesn't mean anything any more. Just how the lyrics say, it was beautiful. Repeating it on my iTunes.

I learn it at the weirdest way in life. Things are beautiful as it is. Now knowing that giving isn't anything wrong with it. I guess it is tears of joy more than just sadness of how it was. What I told Isaiah once that what we can is giving beautiful tune to the world and share it. I will just do what I have to and in the end, what matters are the beautiful smile that gives me warmth at the very end.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Chapter

As time passes, it felt nothing really matters, putting myself outside and see, life is really beautiful and it is a blessing sometimes. When things unfold slowly, I kinda find that part of me will stay on. A beautiful melody playing behind my mind. I guess this is just part and parcel of life that we have to take. At 5am in the morning, I just got home after having a great company. I find that sometimes, when things slowly shows, I stood apart and smiling back. I am grateful how my family has brought me up.

After days of treatment and emotion turmoil, I finally see what the beauty Mr D said to me. It is just make sense. Sometimes, we have to do is really don't do anything. I am honestly glad to be at my own grounds. The beauty of love and and giving does brings back more than what we give. I will only say when things fall back into me, it will be greater than anything. For some reason, I know it isn't grace. Timing is everything.

I have to thank Cornflakes tonight. Me and a friend of mine were stranded. But the beauty part slowly unfold. How would I put this down in words? It was like standing at a point where you were soaking wet in the rain. Life could be fragile. And it seems around is hard to find. We could be hurt by love and heal by the same. I would say I am slowly healing. Time was the only thing when you can't find anything to hold on to.

A lot of things that matters to me slowly doesn't seem anything any more. And it is a good thing. A lot of times, things slowly show what you could give. A beautiful part of the heart we put it down. In words, or a melody. I believe in love. I believe what I do is right. A long memory slowly open up my view. And from what Cornflakes says it true. It takes time. Listening to what I feel and it will not lead me down the wrong way.

For others, it really doesn't matter any more. I know time will tell what it will be. Life is beautiful as it is. Soon, it will be just a mere memory of mine. Without any regrets. I know what I put in to is true and the only justification is me myself. In few more days, I know when you listen to that piece, you would know what I was trying to convey to you all this time. It is just better to put it into a melody than just words.

I look now at myself, knowingly that it is right. My remaining time is too little to be put into just pain and sorrows. I will live on with love and the beauty of it. It is till the 8th of May. I will be home. Back to where I really belong. This is just a beginning of another chapter in my life.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closed Doors

Let lose of hell brought the angels of darkness within
With a cause that bringing the light when rays are faint
I hope it rains and I know after that I would see where the rainbow would bring a smile
The dark clouds were storming amongst themselves
A war of angelic lights begin, I only stood there seeing the moonlight fade away
In so many ways, I lost myself within the labyrinth
I do not know where I was any more. Am I still lost within the sharp walls of it?
I know it doesn't matter any more. I just have to keep walking on within.

When the bleeding stops, the river has turn to ruby red
Would I be able to look at my own reflection? The fatal rush of the bleeding petals were seen.
An unseen future lies, I was to bringing myself up and holding on to the beautiful land where I always dreamed of. But is it a place where it truly existed? I don't know. But the journey has been taken.
From the heart that kept beating to a half life which I was living.
I knew that the only reason for me to be walking down is always the same one.
A silhouette, shadows of love ones standing far at the horizon,
I know it was the right path. But where are the way of the path?
Standing in from of the same sea.

With the fading light above, the shadows of lifeless souls in the rushing waters
I look at the point of standing above the beauty of a melody in my head
Should I or should I not try to hold them up
Are they still alive? A world of unrealistic hopes begin to show.
A part of me holding with the voice within and the soul would cling on the words and move ahead
Having to say that nothing else would be real any more.
It was just me looking for the bright skies that lingers within a dream.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I take these pills to make me thin
I dye my hair, and color my skin
I tried everything, to make them see me
But all they see, is someone that’s not me

Here inside, my quiet heart
You cannot hear, my cries for help
I tried everything, to make them see me
But every one, sees what I can’t be

Sometimes when I’m alone
I pretend that I’m a king
It’s almost believable

Even when I’m walking on barb wire
Even when I sat myself on fire
Why do I always feel invisible, invisible
Everyday I try to lock my past
Even though inside I’m such a mess
Why do I always feel invisible

Listening to this song made me feel exactly what I am. Maybe in many ways it was me who is putting so much stress on myself by myself. I made myself into a self destruct machine. With my family and friends around me now made me feel that it would be ok. I will be fine in many words. But when would be the next explosion? I see that this has became something inevitable to me.

I know the love and care that is with me, I should not fall. Especially the faith from my family. Mom and Das are the only thing that kept me going. One thing that mom said to me today, " I do not wanna lose a son " I am left with nothing to say. I know that now she is at a position that it was in the past. I really gotta just hold on. She is the only person I owe to. Risk her life to gave life to me.

I know that the part of fear is eating me up inside. It grew stronger inside me and putting myself in the end of the beginning. When Cornflakes visited me today, when we were alone, a song that really struck me. Three great singers who put this song in such beauty. Jaclyn Victor, Ning Baizura and Shila Hamsah. Three local divas who pull it through with the emotions with just simple repetition. titled "Beribu Sesalan" meaning thousands of regrets. I won't say that I do not have regrets. But I accepted that fact and part of it as it goes. Who doesn't have them, but how do we cope with it.

Listening to it now on my iPad while writing this made me wanna fly in the skies of freedom. I wish somehow it will grant me the only thing I wanted in life. The only reason I am not giving in to is that the only thing I wanted is making up the reason and definition of life.

Mr D, was always there with me while all the pain I'm facing. Cornflakes is always there to gimme a shoulder to hold on. Something I do not even have to ask. Shinigami San who is always supportive. Appearing at times when there isn't hope for me. Being that ray of light. Mr G as an angel who will come and go at the perfect time. I am being showered by all these angels and love but why am I feeling all these pain and weight within? I really do need to learn how to let go.

Within, I am the one fighting my own devil. I know what the cause but do
I have the way? I would say that no. I wish I could put an end of all the tears and pain which is eating me up. I know it's a matter of time but I will have to stand up and go through this part of life. Mommy got a point which I couldn't deny it is pulling me back. To have the faith and growing apart from my emotions isn't the only way I could put it that way. I need to start living along with this part of life. Because I choose to be invisible. Fame, money, power aren't the ultimate goal I am seeking for. But to have others guided and let them shine made me proud. I know in the end, I have done my part. I will not hold on to that part of myself giving in to the fear of darkness. I know at this moment I am not at a state of giving it a full recovery but it will take time and I understand that rushing won't help. I just have to bear it and go through it slowly.

The Final Draw?

Finally, back to the same old familiar bed with random people around, I kinda wreak myself into pieces. Holding on to some thing that I myself couldn't possibly handle - Health.

A friend of mine trap me and made me stay for treatment. And in the end, I gave in and took the courage to call my mom for it. Seeking some advice and told her the situation I am in at the moment. Arrangements are made, and now is yet another countdown for another procedure to be taken place. This time with my old psychiatrist Dr Phang Cheng Kah. Thinking back at the time 2 years back, he told me this that depression will come back and that point, I was optimistic about it won't come back. But resulted that he was right.

In many ways, I have taken things too personally and I have too high expectation that sometimes I can't even achieve. But this isn't a blaming game to me. I know that when you are at the top, the responsibility is there. I am taking it all up as I am as a man. No excuse given. Being at this point, I look at myself in the mirror and there is only one question, why don't you love yourself more?

Given the fact now that what Dr Phang says, you have to accept that you can't do everything all by yourself. And when it back fired, you have to give yourself some space to accept you aren't perfect. Now that is something new to me. I felt like everyone is just hearing me but not listening. It is not the things I do. It is me who is killing me from the inside. Until Mr D, came into the picture. I know that it took so much from the heart to write such thing to me. I know every word is from your heart. But the fact is running away isn't what I am seeking for. I wanted to stay here. This is home. You got me every point like a bull-eye but I couldn't let go. I know I should. I know what are the results I wanted. But how for me to get there.

The intensity of my emotions is overwhelming but do I have the way to have an output? The time that intensified me now is making me losing grounds. What did I do to myself? Why don't I wanna pull out the final draw?

I guess these words show me what I am and where I am heading.
Your characteristic of self less love is what you are all about. Would it make you happier if you stop caring more for others? Well we only have one life and it's my view that we should enjoy everyday of it cause you never know when would be your last. Especially you. So it should be a choice of whether I wanna live the life I wanted which makes me happier or I could do other wise. Please don't let darkness shroud your clarity. You have seen the light in past few months. 

I do not know what should I say after this.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How Will I Know

Listening to Whitney Houston How Will I Know now. Looking for that peace I could find somewhere that I was looking for. Pouring out everything that I have in me ever since last week. I have broken down. In many ways, I couldn't find that part to make myself complete. And when things started to unfold, I find that I was so naive. Believing everything and giving everything I have. In the end, it was just a thing that kills me slowly from inside. This world has feed many with the negativity in life. 

Tonight, I guess was the ultimate let down on my own mistakes that causes a big mess. I know I am the only one to be blame for putting faith in others. I know that now the only thing I could do is just solve everything on my own. But the only question now for me is what is wrong with me? Treating others well while I self destruct? I found out the people that I was protecting and caring for them, all the effort went into the drain. Things that were going on that I didn't know. I was feeling something isn't right. But I kept telling myself that they are alright. But yet again, my senses were right.

I think that the only thing that was really killing me was letting down the person who had tremendous faith in me. I know you have every right to be pissed. You have every single right to be mad. I put your reputation and hard work at stake. When I get your text at the wee hours of the night, I am really speechless and got no idea at all how to answer. Should I say, yes I screwed up and these are the solutions? At the state you are now, I know everything won't be able to convey into. I am really sorry that I let you down totally. 

It is just a week now to show time. I just have one shot. Even they ask me to take leave and take a break from it. How can I do so? Are they ready? Non of them take ownership and being proud of it. Thinking about playing the bass line is a downgrade? Do they even know how important their role is? And I thought with us sitting down and discuss about this was best for all. And still things like who is the one decided on this came across me? I am tired of all this rubbish excuses. I am not gonna mold every single thing that you think that is a problem any more. If this way doesn't work, then the work has to be in my way. The show must go on. 

The only thing that I really let myself into this is I take it too personally and I trust and care too much for others. Even they are not worth for me do give an ounce of love and care. 

Malaysia Airlines' A380 Customer Experience Enhancement

In anticipation of delivery of its six A380 aircraft, Malaysia Airlines is inducting its cabin crew and all other front-line staff with specialized training, to ensure they create the most memorable customer experience for all passengers on-board the superjumbo.

Around 550 cabin crew have been identified and specially selected to undergo training in various aspects of Malaysia Airlines’ A380 inflight service hospitality between now and end of December 2012.

The first batch of 20 cabin crew had undergone the full two weeks on-board process familiarization and safety training since February, 2012. These training programmes were further enhanced to include the functional and emotional needs of Malaysia Airlines customers across the various segments and will continue until December, 2012.

The on-going soft-skill training enables the cabin crew to enhance their strengths in communication and engagement with passengers on the A380 aircraft which has a seat configuration for 494 comprising 8 in First Class and 350 in Economy Class on the main deck, together with 66 in Business Class and 70 in Economy Class on the upper deck.

Malaysia Airlines Head of Customer Experience, Dato’ Salleh Ahmad Tabrani said, “Our cabin crew training modules were based on an in-depth study of the passenger journey experience and feedback from our regular and loyal customers and the type of service they would like to experience on our brand new A380. With this set of training, our cabin crew will be able to bring Malaysian Hospitality to the next higher level with premium services by fulfilling the passengers’ emotional needs”.

“With an increased number of passengers compared to the B747-400, we will have 21 crew members on-board the A380, to ensure the delivery of impeccable inflight hospitality. It will be a challenge to manage the additional 135 passengers compared to the B747-400 capacity, but our cabin crew will need to pass strict standards of the training before being assigned for duties on the A380.”

“Customers who have purchased their tickets for travel on Malaysia Airlines’ A380 will be in for an exciting sensory experience. They will get to taste, hear, see, touch and smell premium on our A380, as we will be offering world-class meals, beverages, entertainment and on-board facilities,” he added.

In addition, other Malaysia Airlines front-liners are also undergoing similar training. These include teams from airport operations, ticketing/ reservations, Golden Lounges and the Global Customer Contact Centre. The training will be customized to suit each operational area to ensure a consistent delivery of premium experience throughout every customer touch point. This is the start of an on-going journey for Malaysia Airlines to become a preferred, premium airline.

Malaysia Airlines is all geared up for the arrival of the A380. These include simulator training for about 100 Malaysia Airlines pilots as well as the completion of airport operations readiness for the superjumbo, including ground service equipments and the holding lounges.

Malaysia Airlines will receive its first A380 in June 2012 and will make its debut from KLIA to London on 1 July 2012. The national airline will be the 8th carrier in the world to operate the A380.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Majority of Brits Want Child-Free Flights

It’s a situation that many of us have experienced. You’re settling in for a long flight at the start of that well-earned holiday, only to have a child or baby start crying as soon as you take off.

Babies and children are always going to be loud, but our fuses seem to get a lot shorter on a plane and our tolerance just disappears.

It now seems that the majority of us want airlines to do something about it. A recent survey has found that more than half of Brits would like to see the introduction of child-free flights.

It was found that nearly two thirds of people count loud children as their biggest in-flight pet hate, while 53 per cent support child-free flights.

Loud children were found to get on the public’s nerves more than poor airline food and even a lack of legroom.

Two fifths of Brits said that the small amount of legroom on airlines meant that reclining seats should be removed from all aircrafts – as passengers who put their seat back was another bugbear.

This isn’t the first time that the issue of child-free flights has surfaced, as a number of surveys in recent years have revealed that many passengers would like to see them introduced.

So far airlines have decided against the controversial measure, choosing to avoid a potentially divisive debate.

But one airline is testing the water this week. Malaysian Airlines has announced plans to ban children under 12 from the top deck of its A380 aircraft.

The airline’s first A380 service will fly between London and Kuala Lumpur, and will be partly child-free. Malaysian Airlines’ chief executive said the move was in response to a barrage of Twitter complaints from passengers of loud and misbehaving children on flights.

The move could see more airlines introduce a similar policy, but would a child-free cabin make that long-haul flight any more enjoyable?


Counting down with a timer. The clock is ticking at every moment. Sometimes, I really wish this never happen. At a point of every part of life, we will have to go through this stage. Even at times, we hope that this will never come. I find myself standing strong at the very end of the journey.

Whenever Hearts and Never Goodbye is being sang and played, I am just trying to hold myself together. This two songs meant so much to me. I never have thought that this would be shared to the world. I held myself and say, stand strong Ricky, It will be alright.

Listening now to Pierre est heureux: The Final Journey / Home. It was a moment there like how Hearts and Never Goodbye unfolds. Being able to find myself going through phases of life as it is. Having great friends who were always there. Having a god brother who has shown me so much in life. Thanks to my big 3, Jeff, and all the great souls standing with me all these while. I were to say that in the end, it will be a great journey.

I know that many times, it has been tough to hold myself together. But with all the support and understanding angels around me, things slowly became really beautiful. One by one, and I am touched to have been though life with all of you. The tremendous support and love. I realize I haven't been blogging for some time now. And to my readers, thanks for all the mails. I know all of you are ever supportive.

Tonight was really a great night. Your memories drowned me whenever I listen to these songs. I honestly thankful to have you in life. Taught me so much about courage, and how life can be even more beautiful. Even that our path may not cross over again, but with everything we had, it  makes me better and grateful. I do not know how things may be or I would ever see you again after this, but we had our time. It was the most beautiful moment in my life.

Thinking about Mr D and Shinigami. You both really are great souls that changed me for life. Thankful for helping me quitting drugs, thankful for getting me on my feet again. And thankful for the love you both shared. I am so proud of both of you. Both in your own beautiful way. I miss both of you as much. At times like this, you both always are the greatest thing that ever happen to me. Ever being there for me, being proud of me, being loved.

Cornflakes, you were the only person that always think of ways to get me to smile. I assure you one day soon. I will. You made me wanna keep on standing even at times, I just wish all would just end. Mr G, the angel I could always count on. You always come and go. But at the right time. I am really grateful to have you in my life. When every one were just hearing me, you listened. And you were always there to get me right. I know now at this point, thinking of all of you, it makes me feel I was never alone. I know that things will get back to where it was. From the very beginning in the end. I know that I misses you guys very much.

I can't wait to see my cow really soon. I hope you would be able to come and be proud of what you have been pushing me to do. And the most important person I wanna thank is Nell. I know that many times, things were not going the way you wanted, but all I feel is grateful for everything you have given me. I am thankful and grateful for all that it is.

As time ticking on, the only thing left in my mind is family. I know I haven't spend much time with you this year but soon, I will be making up all the time. I know that you guys will be having tougher time in the near future coping with me. But I know the love you both can give is everlasting. Mommy, even though sometimes I may say something hurtful about how life is such a bitch but I don't mean it. Even that things are tough for me, but the life you have given me more than anything I could ask. Things are  beautiful whenever you open your mouth. You were ever supporting me and you were always there for everything I am going through. The hardest thing is always seeing you seeing me in pain. I know you will be there with me these remaining time this year. There are no words to describe on the love you have given. Everything just made sense when I think of what we have in life together as a family. A love that is so unconditional. Feeling mellow relatively tonight. But knowing you will be with me is the only thing I would ever ask for.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Malaysia Airlines To Join One World By Year End

By year-end Malaysia Airlines (MAS) would have become a full member of the oneworld alliance and would be able to offer connectivity to about 800 destinations in 150 countries by riding on an expanded oneworld network.

“This membership will be among the significant catalysts that will complement our efforts to win back customers and become a profitable preferred premium carrier as outlined in our Business Plan,'' said MAS group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

Jauhari said the entry into oneworld would enhance its network considerably while providing baseload demand from fellow oneworld members.

“The prospect of being able to offer improved global coverage and connectivity through an expanded network of great airlines to MAS guests is indeed very exciting. Our customers, in particular members of our Enrich loyalty programme, will benefit from increased rewards and recognition while enjoying more seamless air travel options

“We look forward to our full membership that will improve our brand awareness among the alliance members' customers and enhance our load factors through additional partner traffic,'' Jauhari said when witnessing the entry of airberlin into oneworld on Tuesday.

Airberlin now serves 162 destinations in 40 countries with a fleet of 170 aircraft and a workforce of 9,200 employees and it became part of oneworld, adding the second biggest airline in Germany and the sixth biggest in the European continent overall to the airline alliance. Austria's NIKI, also a member of the airberlin group, joined oneworld as an affiliate member at the same time.

Other oneworld members include American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Qantas, Royal Jordanian and S7 Airlines, as well as 20 affiliates including Austria's NIKI, American Eagle, Dragonair, LAN Argentina, LAN Ecuador and LAN Peru.

Malaysia Airlines will introduce its brand new Airbus A380 onto the Sydney-Kuala Lumpur route beginning September 25th.
An MAS spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that the A380 will run as the daily MH122/123 service, replacing the current Boeing 747-400. The other daily MAS flight (MH140/141) will continue on a Boeing 777.
This will be Malaysia Airlines' second A380 route, following the superjumbo's July 1st debut as a thrice-weekly KL-London service (MH002/MH003) before going daily in August.
We're hopeful that Malaysia Airlines will have begun frequent flyer point sharing with new chum Qantas by the time September rolls around, if not MAS' formal entry into the oneworld alliance.

The A380s will carry a dashingly revamped livery, combining the airline's iconic 'wau' (kite) symbol with modern fonts.
MAS' final A380 layout is similar to that of Qantas and Singapore Airlines – first class in the nose downstairs, business class upstairs and economy spanning both decks.
Eight 87 inch lie-flat beds with a generous 85 inch pitch (compared to 80 inches on MAS' Boeing 747) and massive 23 inch video screens will occupy first class at the front of the main deck in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Volunteers Lighting Up Lives

From The Star.

The young are learning an invaluable lesson: service has its own rewards.

IT was dark, so dark we could not even see the person in front of us. Yet we could see in the distance, the lit end of a cigarette glowing like a strange firefly. We knew someone was there.

It was about 9.30pm in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and Alvin and nine other volunteers were looking for the sometimes-elusive homeless. We had walked from Central Market, our meeting point, to the concrete embankment of the Klang River where the din of the traffic was replaced by the soothing sound of rushing waters.

When we were near the spot under a bridge, one of the volunteers said out loud: “Nak makan? (Want something to eat?)”

A shirtless man in his 30s was sitting on a mat, smoking a cigarette as one of the volunteers handed him a packet of nasi lemak, a carton drink and a banana. One of the “denizens” then lit an oil lamp and we could see better. There were three other homeless persons there, and all of them greeted us with smiles.

On the wall of the embankment, just above our heads, was a dark line marking where the river waters reached when it rained. I asked the shirtless man: “So what do you do when it floods?”

“We just pack up and move,” he replied. “It rarely floods. When it does, the water rises slowly, so we have time to move away.”

Earlier, we were at the other end of the river under another bridge where the Friday night traffic was heavy and we could hear the roar of the vehicles above. I wondered how anyone could possibly get any sleep with all that noise around.

Young volunteers of Pertiwi Soup Kitchen pitching to do their bit for the needy.
There were more homeless people there ... and lots of cats. They belonged to a lady the volunteers affectionately called Catwoman. They told me she even has a pet python. I looked around and had my doubts; the cats and litter had free reign there.

Alvin and his friends do their rounds at least once a month. They declined to give their full names because they did not want any publicity for their humble efforts to reach out to a fellow man in need.

Some of the group members brought their children along. There were some college students among them, too.

“Isn’t it a bit dangerous for the kids?” I asked.

“No, when we have children with us, we don’t go to the more dangerous spots such as where the pimps, prostitutes and people with HIV are,” said Alvin.

They usually start at about 9pm on a Friday and sometimes finish way past midnight. The group is kept at 10 to 12 people at any one time, and all are requested to be dressed in white, for easy identification. Alvin also brought along a bag of clean clothes, to be offered to the homeless who needed an item or two.

From his personal encounters with the homeless, Alvin gathered that about 20% of them were foreigners. One of those we met at the river embankment was a young Indonesian woman who was five months pregnant. She wanted to return home to give birth to her child, but did not have enough money. A local organisation is providing her with free medical check-ups.

Some of the homeless have menial jobs which do not pay enough for them to even rent a room. Some are jobless, and the volunteers sometimes help them to secure work. One of the people we met near Central Market was a bespectacled man in his late 30s or 40s, who spoke good English. However, he could not secure a decent-paying job and had to sleep on the streets. What went wrong, we wondered.

I asked one of the volunteers, Catherine, why she brought along her two sons, Ignatius, 12, and Immanuel, 10. She explained that she wanted some exposure for her children.

“They may not fully understand the situation, but I believe they do take away something from the experience, which will help them to grow up as good people. My children do ask me questions about the homeless and what we do.”

Catherine imparts to her sons the importance of helping others unconditionally. Her boys, along with Alvin’s son Joshua, 15; fifth former Ashton; Michael, in his 20s; and Devon, a 20-year-old college student; all help to carry food and other items and distribute them. Ashton even chatted with a woman who had a three-year-old boy in her arms.

The homeless can be found sleeping on the sidewalks of the Kota Raya area, along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, and outside office buildings and shops. At one point, Joshua was heard telling Ashton: “I saw this boy who’s about 15 sleeping on the sidewalk. Poor thing!”

The 15-year-old was probably moved by the sight of someone his age sleeping on the street. Perhaps Catherine was right, I thought.

Somewhere along the way, we ran into another group which was on a similar mission. A van was parked by the roadside and a group of young people were handing out food packets to the poor. I ran up to them and saw that they were from Pertiwi Soup Kitchen.

Two ladies in black vests with “Pertiwi” printed on the back asked if I would like to join them at their next stop in Jalan Syed Putra. I declined, and they hurried off.

Later I phoned the soup kitchen’s coordinator, Munirah Abdul Hamid, and she told me that Pertiwi Soup Kitchen has a steady supply of young volunteers. There is no shortage of university students who volunteer as part of their assignments.

The soup kitchen also gets volunteers from international schools. The students sometimes help to cook. One of the youngest volunteers, said Munirah, was a five-year-old.

“I always tell the parents to monitor their children,” she said. “I’m busy directing operations and can’t be looking after everyone. So parents have to be responsible for their own children.”

As the night wore on, everyone was tired but soldiered on to give away the last packets of food and drinks.

We trudged from Central Market to Jalan Syed Putra, then on to Kota Raya and down to Jalan Tun H.S. Lee and Central Market. The young volunteers gamely carried heavy bags of food and drinks. I was on the verge of collapse.

It was Devon’s first time out with the group, and I asked him if he would do it again.

“Yeah!” he beamed.

We rounded up our little mission with a meal together and shared our experiences of the night. The young volunteers all said it was an eye-opening experience to come face-to-face with the homeless. It made them more appreciative of what they have, and taught them not to take things for granted.

In contrast, a middle-aged man we had encountered earlier, shouted at us to stop feeding the homeless because we were only making them lazy. Is he echoing the cynicism that sometimes comes with age? The young often look at the world around them with a simple compassion. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from there.

In the car on the way home, I asked Joshua what he wanted to be when he grows up.

“A pilot or a fireman,” he replied.

“Fireman?” I asked in surprise. “But why?”

His simple reply: “Because I want to help people.”

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Right Thing?

The living world is always a harsh place to be. But there aren't any other way to change this fact. When sometimes looking around and observing what are the things in life, we know what are the things are going on in life. How would people be and take things. From advice to advice then became a killing machine. But I am still not giving in to what others do and what I should do to them philosophy. 

When people are at rage, I don't blame them for what they are going through. It is something that normal people will do and that is their emotions. I use to be a slave of rage. I know it takes time to make it right. What I really don't understand was sabotaging others. I can't see that point of having them to try to make us look bad. We are as a team in whole but what is the matter of trying to making things look really bad. Is it because that to show you are capable to taking one down by words? 

I strongly believe in whatever good we do, good will always come back to us. I should say that I am blessed with a really strong bond with me team. But the things I see and hear are not just have to be me to be present. It is really sad sometimes to see things which is done by others wrongly is being accounted to another party. I felt imbalance of this world. One of my players is facing something like this. She is good just she doesn't realize she is. And it wasn't her mistakes at times when everyone is yelling at her. But we take it as a team. We won't be pointing any fingers at anyone. If it is a real mistake, the whole team is at fault. 

To be honest, the real mistake was having someone with us who thinks that has a more superior place. Yes, you may be close to the higher position people in the play. But you have forgotten that we need to stay as a team. Informed that we need to start at 9am but came in at 11am. Making mistakes and not playing the parts because not being sure. We schedule it earlier so that we are able to help each other and have runs but refuses. Without notice. And all the things happening around is pointing fingers at others saying this is wrong or this is not done this way. As a team, we do not wanna be what you are. Still when the yelling is going on, we did not even pointing any fingers.

Sometimes these are the things we gotta do to stay in a team. As I told my two assistant, protect the team, and they will get the result to you. There aren't personal interest. All of us playing an important part in the whole orchestra. We have one sound, one band. The songs aren't like the previous songs that are done. Look at the layers of sound we are producing. Look at the intensity that is in the scores. Yet we know we are unable to let others understand what we are going through. The whole team will fall if we really don't stand together. I have decided to release one of the trumpet players who is the bad apple of the team. Missing in action and the commitment level is so low. Even I wanna have faith in him but it is just not the time. If the team goes down with him, I will be accounted for that.

I really don't know what I am writing this. Maybe this is the only place I find where people won't judge me yet understood the goal of being a team player. To some point, maybe not all will ever understood. As normal human nature prevails of keeping their own asses alive. I wish I could be. With the advice from someone who loves me and care. I know you wanna protect me and wanted me to do this with joy. Maybe it is something I have to be responsible of. My 2 children are there. They will be easily being controlled. I will have to just overcome this. I have my own stand. Because of a certain somebody who wants to control what we are and changing the scores and all. I will not just give in. My angel told me before that this would happen and I gotta take charge. Even though now, things are not as what it is, she has a lot in her mind now, I just gotta do what she wanted. I know one day, when all of this is over, she will see what we have put ourselves with what we believe. 

To one of my child, I don't know you may even read this or not, but remember what I have taught you. Have faith in yourself. Don't let others drive you as what they wanted. We did this together as a team. You know you gotta protect your sister like I did for both of you. Look back at the good times we had. This is it. 2 more weeks and we are at the end of this journey. It has to be perfect. I put myself on the line just to make this right. Now the baton is given to you. I have so much faith in you that you gonna make this great. I have lost mine. Don't ever let that happen to you. With all that I have now in life, you know the only thing will make me proud is you to shine. The ultimate thing I wanted in life is simple, and you know I don't care about whatever it is. All I ever cared for is make good music and share it with the world. This is it. We have done everything we could. The songs we have done are great pieces. Now it is just time to polish and make it right for them.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Taking some time down for myself at the moment to write up something I have been observing among younger generations nowadays. It is pretty sad to see many don't really practice part of actions. It really disturbed me and wonder how and why is this happening around.

The most simple example. Greetings. I guess no matter who we are meeting or come across, even to those we never met before, A simple hello, good morning or whatever it takes is essential. Many doesn't really care nowadays to be honest. I really wonder why is it so hard for them to open up their mouth to just greet. Would it even killed them to do so?

Table manners. Sometimes, clearing off what we have on the plate and get up and clear up our own is very very important. To me at least it is. At some point, do kids nowadays have personal maid to make them that way? Or how is this possible to expect others to clear off their plates  and just move along. And thanking the person who brings the food to the table is extremely important to me. I don't know and can't understand why is this even happening. Kinda speechless to actions of this kinds.

Another thing is being considerate. I am not saying that I need this from all those around me. But I have to say I am pretty blessed to have them with me to understand and knowing what am I going through. But in recent observations, many doesn't even care about how others may be handling things. When I pick up the phone thinking to call up somebody, I have a few considerations before having anything I do. First, will the other party be busy working? or will be the other party be working late last night and still be asleep? or even is the other party is at the mist of going through something with the family or something.

It is kinda sad sometimes to see how the society changed. I wonder when wrong somewhere. Is it the education? or is it even the growing stage of life that being fed with a silver spoon? Honestly I do find individuals born below the year of 1986 are still fine. Even my own brother is this way. Which I really do not know why and can't possibly understand. I know that my brother is being pampered more in the family. But with my parents method of upbringing us, it is not what being taught at home. Society? Ego? I really don't know. Still wondering why. Kids in the 90s are pretty different. It is just those in between.

By the way, this is nothing against discrimination of any form. Just something to talk about and discuss. It is somehow just something I kept asking why is it like this.

Never Close Our Eyes.

I wish that this night never be over
There is plenty time to sleep when we die.
So let's just stay awake until we grow older
And you'll know we never close our eyes.

I don’t wanna let a minute get away
Cause we got no time to lose
None of us are promised to see tomorrow
And what we do is ours to choose

Forget about the sunrise
Fight the sleep in your eyes
I don’t wanna miss a second with you
Let’s stay this way forever
It’s only getting better if we want it to

But you know I wish that this night would never be over
There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let’s just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we’d never close our eyes, our eyes, never!

It’s so hard to think this would fade away
But what goes up must come down
Why can’t we just live life with no consequence
That no way living the now

Forget about the sunrise
Fight the sleep in your eyes
I don’t wanna miss a second with you
Let’s stay this way forever
It only gets better if we want it to

You know that I wish that this night would never be over
There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let’s just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we’d never close our eyes, our eyes, never

Earlier today, A certain important someone called me on FaceTime and shared this with me. It makes me wanna keep on going with everything after listening to it. Somehow this is always what I keep myself going. I feel grateful and thankful to have all the support in life. It is just perfect when I see my own baby coming to life with all the great people to make it beautiful. 

I never wanted to miss a second in life to live without music. Life just keeps me going with my passion burning. Thanks batman for calling even you are busy with your upcoming release. Love you to the max Dum Dum. You never fail to put me on the line and realising what I am doing is just a matter of time. All I gotta do is have a little faith. Challenges ahead of me. But I should know I would able to overcome it. All I needed is a little time on hand. Decision has been made. All I gotta do is charge and have faith in myself. Thankful to all that keep me going and being by my side. 


Today I am standing at another cross roads again. There are a few things in life sometimes that makes us realize what is our goal. A few things gotten to me at a point of putting a few things in mind. I felt like I am standing on a high wire in a circus. Everyone below wanted you to show them the things that they wanted to see. But my question was what are the things I wanted in life?

The first thing was what I wanted in life? I know that for sure music is my life. What I enjoy doing even it will take up time and whatever I have to give in life. And also a few things came across my mind. I have a few businesses running at the same time. But do I wanted to really expand it? Or Do I just wanted to keep it as it is without making any changes? At a point, to be honest, I hated the fact that there are only 24 hours a day. I really wish I had more time to sort out my health, life, music, business, friends, love one, family, and etc etc.

Fact is I can't change this point of life. I will have to go on in life with what I can only manage. And the most important thing now is health. Without health, I can't possibly do anything that I wanted. The past few nights are sleepless. With the choices and decision to make in what I am currently doing, It kinda hit me that without health, I can't do anything. For the past few days, the medication prescript to me was the old one which I really had second thoughts of having it. Every time I look at the pills, I will end up going to bed without it. The fear of being back at the point where everything was just wrong no matter how things are. Yes, I do not deny that it puts the pain to rest, but it will not put me to rest. I felt even restless. Emotions are screwed up and things are messy as it is. But this can't g on any more. The past few nights of pain attacks was terrible to be honest. I felt sicky the whole day today. But I still am going strong as somehow I told myself if I say I am well, I will be. Anyhow, I am giving myself one more day to see how it goes tonight. Hopefully I will be able to make it right.

On my work side, things are turning out better to be honest. There will be a lot of balancing need to be done and mixing work. But having faith we are gonna sound pretty much awesome in the show. But as usual, when things starting to turn out well, another challenge arise. Again, another choice to be made. I kinda have one bad apple in the team. The thing is a decision to be made. Should I or shouldn't I make that choice. I know sometimes, it has to be done and get over with. But can I possibly do it? Should I take that call or have a little more faith it will be better? I will be playing pros and cons tonight the whole night figuring what is best for the team. Should I let it be or should I make it right? Even if I would to make it right, what is right? help to make the team stronger? or substitute with another stronger link? It will be another tough decision to be made tonight.

At points like this, the only thing in my mind now are family and love ones. But also at the same time, the other side of me prevail the weaker part of me that wanting to have some warmth. Behind my mind, it was like telling myself I have to take all this on my own. I shouldn't have to worry those who care. And You came into the picture. Remembering every time you tell me that it is ok sometimes to let others in. But at another crossroad, If I let myself go but who will be there at times like this? Do I have a certain choice that I could possibly choose? sigh...

Still refusing to take the pills. Rather just think of work and ways to solve it than worrying about all this crap. I know with all the sudden challenges arise, I will be the one facing the music again tomorrow. But I know I would have to take it for the team. I know we are good. I know we are. Time will tell. Ready to face the music and ready to take up anything that comes. I just have to be that man and have a little faith and patience and things will turn out as how we could be.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Oz-some Act - The Star


Acting in The Wizard Of Oz is a dream come true for its cast.
WHEN you talk about having large shoes to fill, they don’t come much larger than a certain pair of ruby slippers – worn, of course, by Judy Garland in that unforgettable classic The Wizard Of Oz. Stephanie Van Driesen, however, is not about to let that trip up her portrayal of Dorothy in a homegrown stage production of the 1939 film.
“I haven’t thought about feeling intimidated by the role, and to be honest, I don’t want to either. To me, playing the role is about giving an honest performance that stays true to the story, and enjoying being a kid again,” says Van Driesen in a recent interview.
Over the rainbow: The stage adaptation of The Wizard Of Oz will see Stephanie Van Driesen playing Dorothy and Wolfgang playing her dog Toto.
Produced by Pan Productions and directed by Nell Ng, the musical is adapted from the original 1939 script, albeit with the addition of new songs composed by Eric Hah. Besides gorgeous costumes and sets, the show features the talents of Malaysian actors like Peter Ong, Radhi Khalid, Zalina Lee, Tria Aziz, Suhaili Micheline and Mano Maniam.
The story revolves around Dorothy, who lands in the magical land of Oz with her dog Toto when a cyclone carries off her house from Kansas.
On her way to see the Wizard of Oz to find a way home, she befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, who each wants to ask the Wizard for a brain, heart and courage.
The Wizard, however, will only grant their wishes if they bring him the Wicked Witch of the West’s broomstick.
And so Dorothy and her friends must try to outwit the Witch, while making sure she doesn’t get her hands on Dorothy’s magical ruby slippers.
Ong, who is playing the Scarecrow (originated by Ray Bolger in the film), says the role is wonderfully fun to play.
“As the Scarecrow doesn’t have a brain, there is literally nothing to think about!” he says with a laugh. “It is very refreshing to look through the eyes of such a simple being.”
The physicality of the role, however, demanded that he literally take some pains.
“It’s a very physical role; I can’t stand, run or walk as I normally do. I’m in the process of trying to find ways to ‘flop’ while doing normal things. There’s a lot of falling down to do as well, which does get quite bruising!” says Ong, who also performed in Pan’s Cabaret last year.
Actor Peter Ong plays the Scarecrow.
Van Driesen, recently seen in The Secret Life Of Nora and Cabaret, says she had to think how best to play a young girl onstage.
“It’s about embracing that aspect of playing, and relaxing more to play more. My inner child comes out, I suppose, and I think about what a kid would do in a particular situation.”
She adds that she found elements in herself that related to Dorothy’s character.
“I’m a dreamer as well, I like creating and make-believe. There are also aspects that are quite personal to me, like a kid really wanting to be heard, or feeling guilty about making something happen. All these help me play the character with honesty, rather than just trying to play a little girl,” she explains.
Ong and Van Driesen agree that being able to perform as such iconic characters is a dream come true for any actor.
“It’s a lovely opportunity to take these really well-known roles and make it your own, to create something the audience hasn’t seen,” Van Driesen concludes.


A question I have been asking myself again and again, sometimes is it enough to have faith at times of peril? I know I don't have that answer. Today was kinda a rough messy one for me. Of all times, my parents decided to head to their holiday home in Penang to visit my younger brother. And of all time, the Indian Ocean was hit but a 8.7 magnitude tremor. Tsunami alarm was raised and of all places to be, my parents will be at Miami Bay. The same place the last Tsunami hit where the 7 people were killed. I was keeping my cool and to calm down and trying to called them. The only outcome was no answer. And my anxiety keeps on attacking me back and forth. 

But I gotta admit, my friends were supportive. Many called and try to make me feel better. I have a rehearsal run to do today with the orchestra. The only thing I could do was to blinded myself with Music. I have to admit I did a pretty good job on that. But my worries stops at 11.45pm when mom called. I literally didn't had the mood to talk to her. I know I need an alteration on my emotions. But I just couldn't help it. 

I am taking some time to blog tonight as I few friends have been calling me to check on my condition. I am well I have to say. Yes, a certain few pain attacks here and there in the night but I am well. I am still having second thought to go back on the same medication I had weeks ago. But I have to start taking it soon. I know I have a few more days to spare to get through with a few minor things on hand. 

In many ways, I do feel kinda like numb to whatever is happening to me recently. Or I should say selective emotions to feel. I am going through time and I wanted to make a few things right. Sometimes, I felt kinda like I have to be strong. I know I wasn't the past few days. I just finish my course of treatment this month. I have reschedule the next after the show. Kinda needed to stay focus. But I will be well. 

Honestly at this moment, I miss you very much. But it is not my own doings to just tell you I do. As we both know this is the only right thing for both of us. I somehow felt extremely low at times when I am alone. I know I will be fine and I am not complaining. Wondering what is your on-goings, or how are you actually feeling at this moment. I felt kinda helpless sometimes. But from time to time, whenever I have news from you, it will always be kinda like... I really don't know how to say this. Argh, forget it. The only thing I will say is I miss you very much.

Oz is near. We are getting ready for the show, as far as we go, things are turning out pretty well. I kinda know things gonna be. Just having a little more faith in it. Somehow I would really find peace in Music. Or I should say I always blinded myself with music whatever I do not wanna feel. Somehow this is just part of self defence mechanism I guess. Just gotta learn how to let go a little. Lying here extremely tired, I guess I would call it a night early. Looking at the time it is not as early as I thought it would be. 

First look at British Airways’ new A380

The forward fuselage of BA's first A380 being assembled at the Airbus A380 Facility, Hamburg

It’s been a long time coming, but British Airways’ first A380 has finally made it onto the assembly line.

The superjumbo- the first of 12 A380s on BA’s order books – will fly its first passengers in late 2013, when the airline also expects to receive its first 787 Dreamliner.

The airline hasn’t yet announced how it will use the space on board its A380s - or the routes the jets will serve.

But in March the chief financial officer for BA’s parent group IAG told Bloomberg reporters that the A380s would fly “very well known routes”, which could include Heathrow to New York and popular Asian destinations like Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore.

The parts of BA’s A380 are being built all over Europe.

Large sections of the fuselage are being assembled and equipped in Hamburg (Germany); the nose and centre fuselage in Saint Nazaire and Meaulte (France); the tailfin in Stade (France) and horizontal tail plane in Spain.

The undercarriage will be assembled in Canada and France; the wings in Flintshire, North Wales and the four Rolls Royce engines in Derbyshire.

BA’s order for 36 aircraft – 12 A380s and 24 787s is the largest the airline has made in more than a decade.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Holding upon faith, given all that might,
Yet redundancy arise from the depth within.
Looking upon the rising sun,
Yet cold lingers within from the red river is.

Time will only show what kinda sweat and tears is used
But yet beholding nothing but a mere hope and faith.
Will it be a true that darkness stays even light fought the battle.
It was a losing war to begin with.

Crystal tears stream down the warm skin
Cut nothing could overcome the ice cold veins.
How would I possibly know where are the light the once shine in the dark long tunnel.
Kept my footsteps stable, still walking up with the only faith.

Far and deeper to the land that once called home.
Where all life begins. It wasn't just the same where once home was.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Big Flight

Following the spectacular launch by SpiceJet of their Q400, airlines around the world seem to be acquiring a taste for the benefits brought by a social-media based launch campaign. Today we to take a look at how Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is presenting its brand new A380 to the world.
The airline has launched a campaign called “The Big Flight” where it offers the chance to win a ticket for an joyride on the A380 and be amongst the first to experience the new aircraft.
In order to enter the competition users have to submit a video proving that they can do something special like the YouTube celebrities that took part in the MAS campaign launch. The airline will then shortlist the best videos and the 8 most voted ones will win tickets for themselves and three friends.
This initiative is part of a wider social launch campaign that uses Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create sharable content and generate expectation for the launch of the new aircraft.

Expect more great initiatives this year!

While route launches via social media have been popular for sometime now, it seems that “plane launches” will be the big thing in the coming days given the number of A380s and 787s scheduled for delivery to airlines across the world. Due to the novelty factor of these planes (787s a bit more, certainly), we can be sure to expect airlines to cash in on their hype and generate not just favourable buzz online but also use it to fill up their new planes and drive profitable load-factors in the short to medium-term. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!


I found myself enclosing to a point where I couldn't barely understood why.
Feeling the whole world crumble right in front of me.
I didn't think of running or hiding at all.
Standing there alone welcoming the fallen to take me within.

Being at point of tears that non could understood
Feeling I am being thorn apart by the hands of the green devil.
I held up my chin and kept in silence.
I oversee that nothing I would do to slice out the heart that was kept beating

Closing my eyes, I remember someone I love told me.
"It will be over soon, hold on."  That voice kept repeating in my mind.
My tears would not let go of the walls behind.
Wondering would it be enough to drown me.

Waiting for the bombs explodes, I held up my chin once more welcoming the devil
A fight must be perform on this ritual? Or should I welcome it with love?
I only have one shot. And it is the only bullet that I am left with.
I walked into a room where it was just darkness surrounds me.

Walking forward towards where my foot stood on,
A ray of light was at the end of the room, a table arise and there was a gun I saw
A game of Russian Roulette? Just one bullet and to see the last one standing.
With all the faith I have held on till today, took up the pistol.

And it was where I wanted to be. It was always there for me to know.
The world would never see and understood, But this was the last shot I have.

Malaysia Airlines New Airbus A380 Seating Arrangements

Airbus A380

Number of aircraft1 (Effective 
1 Jul 2012)
Passenger seating capacity
Rolls Royce Trent 970
Wing span
79.75 m (261 ft 8 in)
24.09 m (79 ft 1 in)
72.72 m (238 ft 7 in)
15,400 km (8,300 nm)
Max fuel capacity
84 600 US Gallons
Cruising speed
Mach 0.85 (900 km/h)

First Class
  • Located in main deck with 1‐2‐1 seat formation.
  • Total of 8 seats with enclosed monument (4 individual seats and 2 double seats).
  • Seat pitch of 89 inches and bed width of 40 inches.
  • Full flat bed length of 87 inches.
  • Individual 23-inch IFE screen, shell mounted, largest in Malaysia Airlines fleet with wide-screen aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Each seat comes with its personal closet and stowage for coat, luggage, laptop and personal belongings.
  • Equipped with 115VAC PED power supply and USB port.
  • Upholstered with fabric and leather trimming, suite lining made of suede and fabric.
  • Granite cocktail table
Business Class
  • Located in upper deck with 2‐2‐2 seat formation.
  • Total of 66 seats (33 double assembly), with seat pitch of 74 inches.
  • Full flat-bed length of about 72 inches.
  • Equipped with 115VAC PED power supply and USB port.
  • Individual 17-inch IFE screen, seatback mounted, largest in Malaysia Airlines Business Class with wide-screen aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Personal items stowage available on each seat.
  • Upholstered with fabric and leather trimming on headrest and armrest.
  • Suite lining made of suede and fabric.
Economy Class
  • Lightweight and slim design.
  • Total of 420 seats with individual 10.6-in IFE wide screen seatback mounted.
  • Seat formation of 2‐4‐2 on Upper Deck and 3‐4‐3 on Main Deck.
  • Recline of 6 inches, with 32-inch pitch and 18-inch in‐seat width.
  • Equipped with 115VAC PED power supply and USB port.
  • Upholstered with fabric and leather trimming in 3 colours.
  • Seat features forward articulation recline, 4‐way headrest and composite seatback.
  • Seat overall made of Botany fabric in 3 colour range – red, maroon and purple, with dotted accents, leather trimming on headrest and armrest.


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