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Friday, February 1, 2013

This Is Life

Well, I have to first say that life is really crazy to even start with. Within 24 hours, there are so much that was going on. I was receive my work schedule for this year, new places to be and new people to work with. Sounded good to me. Later in the afternoon, I won the trivia competition by Malaysia Airlines. Non bad for one day. Met up with A. And he did kinda mention where are we heading to now since we have been on and off dating. Had to really put myself together and see where my future will be with him.

I was talking to a young friend of mine. A blogger and a band geek too. And kinda realize after a while, what was I actually thinking? To be honest, A was supportive when I was taking my celibacy vow for a year. I mean we are all adults. And things were pretty laid on the table and clear. So kinda went to bed earlier as I was due for my radiotherapy in the morning.

At the wee hours, a phone call from the states. Brandon is gone. Was looking for ways to digest what I was feeling. Wrote a post for him. Still didn't very much helps me. Still numb. Untill Soul232 posted on his facebook quoting what I wrote.
It's a comforting but very sad sentiment to come across - 
'God gains an angel, I lose a friend'.
Immediately my tears just flows out. God it felt so good. Everything was released. And there I was by my bed just crying myself to sleep. I can't deny how much I will miss Bran. Life isn't gonna be the same when I am back in the states. Those late nights and all. And also part of Bran has always been a motivator to me.

Well, this is life. What happen within 24 hours. And a lot of new decision made and when the time is right, I will definitely share with you guys. I was even talking to a typical cancerian friend of mine. I am so gonna name him "Diplo-my-ass" Well I realize something, at times I am really lost of words when I use words to explain myself. And what really puts me on the line was how music relates to that. Well, lets see if it works. I'm finishing one piece and will be posting here on my playlist the next few days. Well.. if that could explain how I feel, then it would be what it meant to be.

And also, Really appreciate Mr D for always being there for me. Even at times of grief. You always understood what I feel and going through. Well, it is beyond words with my gratitude that I could show you with. Luv you loads!


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