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Monday, February 25, 2013

And The Oscars Goes To... 2013

Just wow with the show. One of the greatest moment for me was when Shirley Bassey did the tribute for 007! At that ages of hers. Oh my god. And also Jennifer Hudson! She literally blew me away! I guess no one would wanna miss a chance not seeing her singing live.

But anyway, here are the winners. The Oscars for :

  • Best Supporting Actor                  Christoph Waltz
  • Best Animated Short Film             Paperman
  • Best Animated Feature                 Brave
  • Best Cinematography                   Life Of Pi
  • Best Visual Effects                       Life Of Pi
  • Best Costume Design                   Anna Karenina
  • Best Makeup and Hair                 Les Miserables
  • Best Live Action Short Film         Curfew
  • Best Documentary Short Film      Inocente
  • Best Documentary Feature          Search For Sugarman
  • Best Foreign Language Film         Amour
  • Best Sound Mixing                       Les Miserablkes
  • Best Sound Editing                       Skyfall & Zero Dark Thirty (It's a tie)
  • Best Supporting Actress               Anne Hathaway 
  • Best Film Editing                          Argo
  • Best Production Design                Lincoln
  • Best Original Score                      Life Of Pi
  • Best Adapted Screenplay             Argo
  • Best Original Screenplay              D'jango Unchained
  • Best Director                               Ang Lee - Life Of Pi
  • Best Leading Actress                   Jennifer Lawrence
  • Best Leading Actor                      Daniel Day Lewis
  • Best Motion Picture                     Argo
Best Motion Picture - Argo, directed by Ben Affleck.
Jennifer Hudson paying tribute for Dream Girls singing, You Gonna Love Me.


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