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Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's Been Long Enough

What went wrong to begin with? I forgot that there ain't a right or wrong in any part of it. The build up emotions just somehow crumble at last. But it wasn't bad at all to me. There was a sense of warmth instead of falling down hard. I am still tired and all but all is eventually turning better.

Everyone in life will go through life the way life throws you. But what is the beauty of living? A beautiful soul ask me this. My answer was clear. Love. The love showered by my family, friends and love one. Everyone goes through life in their own way. But you will find the life is still worth while, if you just smile. :) Of course not forgetting that beautiful cover you did. It is really one song that uplift all my emotions.

Taking a step back, and I was looking how I was handling everything in the past few weeks. It has been quite a long journey. I finally feel that life is ok, and everything is finally settling down. Maybe some part of me was really harsh to myself. I wanted a normal life so bad and I pull myself into this emotional turmoil. Well, letting all the anger go. It has been long few years, and now I am finally here.

Getting by day by day, I felt blessed. I have been letting everything cloud my mind. Well, I know Mr D is going through a bad time today. But I know he is alright. Cause I realize one thing how I walked through all these. Support. I should stop comparing how life is among everyone. Jealousy is one thing that is really scary. It really pushed me towards the edge and I lost it. Mr D was always there. The only soul that would nearly understood how things are.

Well, as the old saying, Meet me half way. Life is one thing that is worth fighting for everyday. What are the things to hold on, and what are the things that needed to let go. MK met me before he went back to Singapore. And I guess that is a big part of me was saint after talking to him. And really, I miss my bitches a lot. Really hope they are doing well in Melbourne and another one in Sweden. Well, two more days to my opt. I am really glad that angel all the way from Sunderland was there for me. Thank you for your Smile. :) Huggies..
I am learning how to be content in whatever state I am. 


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