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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Malaysia Airlines To Fly Airbus A380 To Hong Kong

As per 31 JAN 2013 GDS inventory display, Malaysia Airlines from 01 MAY 2013 introduces Airbus A380 service on Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong route. The A380 operates MH072/073 service. The airline previously planned to introduce 3rd daily service from 15 JUN 2013 (MH432/433), this remains unchanged for the moment followed by the operational aircraft changes.

Presently Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, Korean Air, Air France, China Southern Airlines, and Thai International Airways are operating their A380 to Hong Kong. With Malaysia Airlines to introduce their flagship to Hong Kong, the only other operator of the Airbus A380 not serving this route is Lufthansa. So far, there are only 9 operators of the A380 flagship in the world. Even the new and only operator that will be in service this year British Airways will be deploying their A380 from London Heathrow Airport to Hong Kong this winter. 

MH072 KUL0915 – 1305HKG 380 D
MH432 KUL1540 – 1930HKG 738 D
MH078 KUL1915 – 2305HKG 738 D

MH079 HKG0845 – 1225KUL 738 D
MH073 HKG1445 – 1825KUL 380 D
MH433 HKG2030 – 0010+1KUL 738 D


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