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Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Is For You

Well, the title speaks all. This post is for you. Since Bran left, it really made me realize life is really too short not to cherish everyone that we love and care for. I have been talking to Shinigami for these few days. I realize how much it has been for him. It has been nearly 8 months plus since I last met him. I remembered we were having coffee at Sunway Medical Center. Usual me, sneaking out and spending time with my love ones.  Somehow it really hit me when he told me this.
I am almost never happy in the past year. Just like skipping by time.
It really stings within. I sometimes felt how bad of me as a friend wasn't being there for those I love and care. Shinigami is one person I really cherish in my life. We known each other for years now but grew fonder just the last few years. He was one of a kind. A real friend I could count on. No one can ever like take his place within me. He is one person who knows how I feel and really never judge me. More like a long lost brother that I never had. I was suppose to see Shinigami today. But yet, my health condition somehow changed everything. It was really a sucky day. But the great thing I know now is I will be seeing him tomorrow here in Singapore. A time that I am really looking forward to. Time to fill in each other with everything that is going on.

And also this is for Mr G. I MISSED HIS CALL!!!! I was doing my last radiotherapy for this week. And when I got back to the room, I saw his call. I called back but I guess he already board the plane. Mr G is my bestie. He is leaving to Sweden for good tonight. I suck at goodbyes. But I really will miss him very much. He was a person I spend the night at wee hours at 7Eleven with talking about "things" I will miss you a lot G! But I know I will see you soon. Will see you when my work is done in London.

Mr D, you are the only person who is with me through and through. You always know what is right to tell me and all. I don't have to use words to describe how things are or how grateful I have you in my life. I really won't know what will I be without you. Love you for that! Not just that.. Everything.. And you will always be in my prayers. Praying for Shanghai to happen for you.

Mikey my baby boy. A little boy I use to know. A person who is always emo and all. But Mikey isn't that baby boy anymore. He really grew up very much. He learn how to love. And he is the first Sagittarius I know that prove everything wrong to me. I got no grudges on Sagis. Just had a real bad experience with them. But Mikey really changed my world. He shows how much he could do and what is being a lover is. I am really proud of you Mikey! You will always be our baby boy. Really miss you. I haven't seen you since May. I got ya back no matter what you are going through.

And last but not least, my Bitch Ms Rainer! No words I could use to express how much harder it will be without you around. I know, Facebook and everything. I suck at goodbyes and you know it. You know what I am feeling so I'm gonna shut up! ( I can imagine what your face gonna be like right now. and I hate you! )

Well, life has given me so much. What more I could ask for right? My baby bro JJ is worried sick of me actually. I know he is. And I am trying to put on a good show for him. But I am thankful to have him walked into my life. A lot of things in my life changes around him. Looking at the best side of life. He inspire in so many ways that I couldn't image anyone would.

And also to one special blogger. You will know who you are. Your smiles is like the colorful guards expressing what a song could be. And all I wanted for you is you being happy in life. Everyone deserve the best in life. (You know what I am saying)

Anyhow, this first song on my playlist now is really meaningful to me. And this song is for all that I have mention above. And also those I failed to mention. Please don' mind me. This is for you.


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