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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Caught In The Snow

You can push me away, I can take it
I can make you a promise, and break it
We know the way it goes by now 
Running off just to see if I chase you
I pretend I know how to replace you
Still we get tangled up some how

Hear it thunder, and I wonder
How long can I hang on? I'm caught in the storm
I'm caught in the rain
I'm caught in the rush that hides this pain
I'm ready to drown, but it's comin' down, but I feel so alive 
Just let me go, just walk away
If you love someone, you never let them stay
Caught in the storm

As the bars on the Bowery close in
You arrive at the door, standing frozen
You say you thought you'd find me here

Tell me how I begin to forget you
When you keep coming back and I let you
Love me until you disappear

Let me wash away, you can find me after the flood
Let me wash away

Caught in the snow
Caught in the rain
Caught in the rush that hides this pain
When you love someone you find a way to stay

Caught in the snow


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