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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Story In A Song

Today was relatively a tough day for me by far in 2013. But I guess I could somehow still manage to handle myself. Well, I'm not really in the mood to rant but I am relatively interested to share some thoughts in music. Being a part of a production in the music industry really taught me a lot of new things which I didn't quite understood when I was younger. I still remember the first song I have written when I was still doing my Yamaha Electone Course when I was 11. It was crap! Seriously bad. But at that time, I kinda remembered clearly that I was asking myself back and forth, how does this tune was repeating in my mind.

When I left to Boston to study at 16. I realize a few things about most of the students who are doing their courses in Berklee. One thing I realize about music students that they rarely share what they are up to. I was one of the youngest student in class and me being Asian didn't really helped any of it. But seeing them made me realize one thing. Passion. Their passion in music was remarkable. But I still couldn't be a stand out. I gotta work harder than others but nothing seems to pay off. So I consult one of my professors. Mr Jon Aldrich. 

Mr Aldrich is my life line. Without him, I wouldn't be who I am today. Part of me not to compromise my writing is because of him. He changes my whole world of how music is being written. I remember one thing he told me. 
One of the most difficult things to give life to music is a grasp of an idea of the dire simplicity of most of the music in a song. A song will be a song. But how to convey the story behind that melody. Always ask yourself, "Why did I write that?"
Partly that was why that isn't every artist could colour a song with their own story. But I think I am very blessed to have work with wonderful artists around. It gives me a sense of being home in many ways. Witout Mr Aldrich's guidance, I wouldn't have learn so much about how to give a soul to just a simple melody. A song will always just be a song. But when humanity is being put into the picture, everything can channel from the scores, to the artist, and from the artist to the listeners. And one of the most important thing he taught me was dare to be vulnerable. It's just all that intensity will show in the music itself.

I'm not saying that it is easy. Till today, I am still striving for all of my work to get that conveyed. Still learning day by day. Well, I guess I gotta focus on my health at the moment before I could start on work this coming march. Anyway, wanted to thank all those that has been supportive on my soundcloud. Thanks for all the kind words and I really do welcome more comments. To create more good music, I have to learn how things are too at the listeners end. Anyway, appreciate those beautiful words from you guys on all of my works.


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