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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hang The Moon

Music is the most wonderful thing in the world. Do you think so? Maybe not so to many. But to me, it is. Whatever you wanna put it. Maybe I am in the industry and I am a music geek. But sometimes, all it takes just a simple tune to shine all emotions that are trapped. I recently bought Bombshell The Musical on iTunes. Loads of jazz and hype up with the vibe. But tonight, this special song really hits me somehow.

Maybe part of what I am going through mellow down everything that is around. And when I first listen to this song, I clearly know that it would be perfect for you. So many things going on now between us. We both are going through all the tough times that has been thrown to us. But just you know, I would hang the moon for you.

The beautiful lyrics of this song and the melody seems put so much light into the darkness. Feeling the light and thinking of you before I hit the sack. A timeless love from a mother to daughter, and what life is. I am holding on a baggage myself and so are you. But without everything that we have gone through, we won't cherish life as how it is now. It will never be the same from the way we see the world.

Part of me wanna kept crying and blaming on the world for throwing all that is on my shoulder. But as frighten as it could be, I took the other approach. Maybe some may say I haven't had a choice to do so. But fact is there is a choice. A choice to keep fighting on the fight or to just let go. Everything in life is a choice. It is just exactly like how writing music is. The music could not be in tune but yet heart felt at the same time. Or the grandeur of a symphony that meant nothing at all.

I know that behind me, there will always be so many people that would hang the moon for me. This song really gives me so much strength and peace at the same time. As in return, I would do the same to those that needed that light in the darkness. This isn't just a song about love, it is also about unconditional support and also strength that were extended by others. As little as it may sound, but it is a powerful faith to hold on to. Even the past few days, the pain attacks were unbearable. But it didn't stop me from kept believing that it will all be fine. Even till today, I haven't went for my operation as my body somehow couldn't take it. But it doesn't stop me from living the life I should have.

To you out there. I know there are a lot of emotions that I will never understand. But just you know that doesn't stop me from just being here having faith in you. I will just be here without judgement and without prejudice. Extending the strength and love that is left in me. Here is the beautiful lyrics that I wanna share with everyone. A song from a mother (Gladys Pearl Baker Mortensen) to daughter (Norma Jeane Mortenson later known as Marilyn Monroe).
If our lives were a movie 
I'd know what to do 
I'd write every scene with my heart 
An archaeal picture that stars me and you 
And this time I'd learn my part

I'd paint you some scenery 
We'd sing, and we'd dance 
From morning till late afternoon 
And when that scene is done 
Then I'd paint down the sun 
And for you darling, I'll hang the moon

We'd wake up to sunshine 
Like lights on a set 
You'd reach out and there'd be my hand 
All day there'd be music, a perfect duet 
That flows from the white baby grand

At night when you're frightened 
I'll play you to sleep 
That melody from Clair de Lune 
And to fill up the sky As the clouds, I would fly 
And for you darling, I'll hang the moon

Hang the moon forever 
So you'd never fear the darkness 
The darkness I've known 
Moon protect Norma Jean 
So that she'll never be alone 
Never alone

If our lives were a movie
Then you'd be the star 
Cause now I know the role I should play 
To applaud all you do 
All the things that you are 
And just be there on opening day

I know in the past 
That the lines were all wrong 
And the music was never in tune 
But the wish that I make Is for just one more take 
Because then darling I'll hang the moon

I'll hang the moon above you 
So that you'll never fear the darkness 
The darkness of night 
Then you'll know I love you 
Each time that you feel the light 
Feel the light

If our lives were a movie 
Then I'd cut away 
All the moments when I wasn't there 
The scenes that are happy 
Are all that will stay 
The rest will dissolve into air

As the final reel ends 
We might both shed a tear 
For the ending is coming out soon 
But when the screen fades to black 
We can smile and look back 
And for you darling I'll hang the moon


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