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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not A Typical Valentine

So here I am, knowing that there are already so many post about valentine outing, valentine sex and dates. So, I am not gonna rub it in more. Well, all I could say that this is my best valentine ever.

I couldn't say how much I am blessed with love around me. It was another usual day for me. Of course la, was a lil emo yesterday night. Knowing that I would be alone today. But yeah, out of the blue, I don't know what was with me. I texted mom. So, this was how it started from me.
It was really great of her. I had the best night spending time with her. For once, she didn't ask me when will I bring my special one home. And no corny how men have sex with each other. A really heart to heart talk. What really touches me that she showed me what she was inside. The vulnerability of her when I was coping with my recovery. I told her there ain't nothing more for me to ask just to have her around me.

Well, it was nice to have her as my date. It was really refreshing. Nothing to hide, just me and her. Well, we did talk about my other fella. Well, told her everything. Showed her some pictures and she was like :" Now that explains the happiness in your eyes. " I'm like what?!?! Hahaha... Well, everything has it's balance. To begin with, I am not even sure how he really feels. And at times, no matter how much I wanted to express out how I feel, it was just something that stops me.

I don't really know and I guess takes things slow is what I feel. Well, doesn't matter how I feel anyway. The future of me and him, let time slowly unfold. Even our age gap. I don't wanna be the person who really stops him from what he is meant to. Well, I agree with what TULS told me, "We know what we want in life, and that defines who we are".

Anyway, my mom really made me feel there is still so much love around me. Love her loads Julie! And before Valentine ends, A shout out to you : Happy Valentine to you sweetheart. You are really that ray of light that lights up my world in so many ways. I am just thankful to have you in my life. Missing you already. Even I was just talking to you.

Mr D! You are my everything! You know what I will be saying. So I won't write it down here. No more cheong sam and pearls. And no Hippo pokka dots! Miss you loads. Will see you real soon again. It was really a great released after seeing you. Only you know what is best.

Last but not least, to all the lovers out there, love hard! Fall fast! And all the single ones, grab it when it comes. Everyone deserved to be love.


  1. Haha, it's more rewarding to spend my Valentine's day with my family.


  2. Haha.. it is CX.. anyhow, Happy vday 2u2.

  3. Spend my day with house chore...




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