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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wake Up People

Well, I would wanna express that this is all in my own opinion. I am not taking any sides but this is just a general VIEW OF MINE on what MOST Malaysians are. Sometimes, talking to a certain individual made me realize how blessed I am actually. I believe many of you out there will exactly will feel how I felt about this matter as well. But a matter of fact, we have to accept that there ain't a "perfect country" or a "perfect government". I repeat myself, I am not taking sides. We can't deny corruption is one of the factors. I am not denying that point as well. Even Singapore we dubbed as the cleanest administration has the same corruption going on. It is just how things are being cover up. But what I am trying to say here is the mentality of people that see things on the surface.

In so many ways, I do feel that being Malaysian has our own "benefits". Well, but one of the most beautiful part of Malaysian nowadays is constant criticizing. Well, it is a free country and everybody has the right to voice out what they feel. But it is somehow a little shameful to see how narrow minded they are.

Criticizing for the sake of criticizing is never a better options. I think if anyone had that kind of energy, simply criticizing is unfortunately a huge waste on someone's resources. There's plenty of ways to channel that energy.

Demand a more open-source government #TED :

Even if you can't do this, there's plenty of things you could do, these are the nutshell and the people that helps transform New York. There is a guy there that change the city simply by photography.
But as I'm a little bit malas (Lazy) to do these things. Cause first of all, I am not the one who is having all these issues.

Everyone wanted a change I can't deny that. But no one wanna make that change. I do think no matter how we wanted things to change, we have to change ourselves first. But as usual, most of them just wanting the best but not willing to change anything with themselves.

Well, probably because they understand that the reality is. MONEY DON'T GROW ON TREE.

If money does grow on tree, or we tax the hell out of the people like the EU, or we privatize and let the public pay full price without subsides like Singapore that we could have the best transport, healthcare and education on earth. How much again is the tax that Malaysian are paying??? Well, I know I am paying 44% tax in the States. How is that for a start for us Malaysian?

Too bad our public are reluctant on either, instead pursued a rather childish act of wanting the best but won't like to pay for it. But hey, if u have an innovative idea on how to do this. We are all ears.

Yeah. Just like how people like to compare the komuter and erl services. In short, they would love an efficient service like the erl with komuter ticket price.

There's even people comparing RM3 public hospital with RM300 a nite private one, there even some that compared NUS with UM.

Guess what. UM charge RM500 per semester.(From SSC Forum) Even if its highly subsidized, they just ain't that much money to pay top brain to work for us. Not at the rate at what others are paying. UM even pay lower than our local private uni.

Ahh choices choices, subsidizing UM more would result in the public health and public road becomes even more shittier, right?

The faster Malaysian learn that you get what you pay for and so good to be true deal, are most likely untrue the better. How much people exactly fall victims to get rich scheme simply because of it. Heck even lots get conned into buying fake samsung phone due to it. But well, like I say, choices. It is just another typical ideology of the "Selfless" Malaysian Culture. 

Talking about National Public Debt. According to the CIA Factbook on World Public Debt. We are not even in the top 50. I am not saying we should be or whatever. But get the facts right before saying something. It is just pure embarrassment to be honest. Well, I am not saying getting PSY to perform in Malaysia with RM3 million (Less than US$1 million)  is a good idea. But well, I do not support that kinda usage of money but I would love to see facts of it. I work in the music industry, and well, it's not something artists make that kinda choices. Stop writing that how pity we are and our national public debt is 50 BS billion and with the wrong facts. It's just pure sad! Sad that we have so many no brainers around to just embracing criticism.

With the current state of mind with our people, don't even think of fighting for equality. We don't have patriotism for a start. It is all about self interest. And I am repeating myself again, I AM NOT TAKING SIDES. But facts are facts. There aren't a perfect government. Even in Singapore, as nationalist of another country, it is good to us cause they absorb in talent worldwide. But does the Singaporean feel the same? I highly doubt so. Their benefits are even worst than expats around. But hey look at them, they are famous with complaints. But they know what is in for a country. That is what I call Patriotism. 

Well, it is all in my own views. To me, if anyone wanted a change, be the change themselves. Stop asking what the country can do for you, start asking what can you do for the country. But I do highly doubt this works now or even the near future. Well, at least I am bless that a part of my life is outta this. Well, I do hope the people of my country sees this. Don't be that shameless person who just criticize just for the sake of criticizing. Act as one. If we need a new government, make that change for our country but not for ourselves. If we need a better living status, make that change ourselves. I have so many friends that made it and I respect them for their achievements. They make that change, they took the first step to make a better living. Not by criticizing. But by hard work. Be blessed with what we have now. Be contempt with what we are. There are more issues that just this kinda crap. 

The politicians doesn't care whether its right or wrong, They are POLITICIANS! They just keep criticize the action by the government. As for USA, although Republican is not standing on the "correct" side, they have their points to defend what they want to defend. Don't be a localized condamner. Support our own country. AGAIN, I am not taking sides. Make that change happen if we want that change. Well I think I repeat more than enough. This is all just my own views.


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