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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Everything Gone

For everything that happen through the week, it was just like a fairy tale. But the thing about fairy tale, it will come to an end where it is written :
"And they lived happily ever after."
 And the book is closed, put back to the shelf and a kiss good night on the forehead. That is when reality kicks back in. As much as I really wanted everything now being real, everything being true to me, it just came to a point where I am standing there alone knowing that the unknown is the one thing that will put us apart.

As everything I use to dream for, my life and soul filled up with what we have right here. Honestly, you being here was unexpected. But all the time spending here in Japan, from Tokyo to Osaka, I just wanted it to stop. I didn't want the time to keep going. All the question marks that we had was just a mere memory of a faint point in life. Nothing much that could make me feel any different without you being here. For what happen to you, I thought my chances we gone. But I am still here somehow. For the first time in my life, being able to be the receiving end of all the things that we did, everything that we have here, it is still like a fairy tale to me.

Maybe after all the things that happen in LA, for the first time after a long time, I really felt like I wasn't sick at all. I just felt like I am just me. I was usually the person being to showered the person I love with all the good things in life. When the position is being exchanged, that pampered you gave just felt so right. I wanted it to just stayed on.

Keeping everything intact, I wanted to know more on what happened to you. You seems to be just doing ok after all. But deep down, that is one similarity we both shared. The denial of being deserving. Looking at you just sleeping next to me, I thought to myself, it will be ok somehow. When it passes on, I will be just okay moving forward from here.

For now, I guess all the painful truth doesn't really matter. It seems ridiculous. It will just be me and you. That is all that matters. We had it all. All I wanna do is just holding you next to me. No matter who will have to take that step of moving forward, now it is just not the thing for us to worry about. We just had it all, because it is just me and you.

Finding True love is like finding yourself the feminine or masculine side of you in another person. Your Twin Soul. He is saying if the glare makes it hard to find just know that I'm here on the other side. He is saying you and I are the same so she should never feel alone we are one in the same. They reflect each other. Sometimes in love you become afraid and get lost. He is going to remind you just how alike they are, you needs to stay strong and not be afraid to accept the truth that they are definitely soul mates and meant to be together.

He wants to live in the now and not in the scary past that he had, where he lost trust. He wants to show how to fight for now, this place of realness and honesty, the truth and not the past that was a bunch of lies. We are beautiful, different and the same and we all know this too but we are still afraid to admit it. Maybe I am. I wish I am as clear as he is. 


  1. Hahaha... Keeping it real.. Just keeping it real.. Maybe should post more sometime soon. :P

  2. Shin Yong, It has been on going for almost 3 years now. So... I guess no point right? But still... no clear answer to that till today. :(

    JokerPJ, what about it? It's not as how it looks like.. Dun ask me why.. I also dunno.. :P

  3. What?? 3 years? Okay..*adjusting specs* time to camp on your blog for days. ; )



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