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Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday To You Tulsie!

Just few more minutes before your birthday ends, I guess I just wanted to dedicate this post to you. Somehow, somewhere, when everything fall into place, it just felt right. So right until there are so many things you shared that you knew it will be a little something you would cherish in life. That is how you are to me.

So, besides the usual kinda birthday wishes, you as usual, just couldn't wait for it. The best part is you were so "muka tebal" (Thick skin) to purposely ask me what day is it today. And the reaction I gave was : Not Your Birthday! But well, it's just a lil crazy without your drama. But still love you loads buddy! I don't know how would it be if there ain't you being around in my life. I guess it will still be the same but a little lonelier. You were always the sunshine that will pull me through no matter what things were. Even at the hardest time for me, you made it feel it was so easy.

There are so many things in life we shared and so many others more to discover. Well, if I were to list down, the list will keep going on and on and on. I know that there are so much I wanna share in life with you. You were more than a friend to me, and for that, I will always cherish. Especially those times when I was going through alone, you never fail for once to keep being there for me. You were more than what I could ask for. An amazing friend, a great listener, and last but not least, a family member that I can count on.

So, I am not gonna make this a long winded post, ( But it already is -.- ) Before your special day ends, a last shout out to you!
Some "Orange" me and Dumdum got you! Have a safe and wonderful birthday love! 


  1. Hahaha.. Thanks Peace, but if that someone is worth it, it will never be enough to say about it. :)



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