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Thursday, August 15, 2013

It Will Never Be

I wouldn't say it was the most perfect day that I could ask for. But somehow, we have come to a point to see what we can do more from here. Somehow, the more things were being thrown at us, the more we just wanna keep fighting on. But will there be an enough somehow?
Loving you is the second best thing that ever happen to me. 

Loving you with all the reasons that I couldn't make up to. Not of all the reasons you can put down in words.

The question of "Will it be enough for love to conquer all?" is the one thing that I just don't wanna think right now. All I know is I gotta be where I am. Even you didn't want it to be. It just felt right to me. The more we will be looking for the answers, the more moments we will be missing on the time we have. There ain't anything we can change about what is between you and me. Nothing will change the person you are, and same goes to me. I know if we could turn back time, there are a lot we can change to make things easier for both of us. But deep down, I know I wouldn't want that and so do you. Cause without it, we are just nothing and maybe never know how to cherish everything that we share. Life has always been a mysterious puzzle. It's just like putting a puzzle together without seeing the picture. But if we knew, what will it be? I know there a lot of things we live with regrets. But we gotta see that without all these regrets, we won't be the person we are today.

Being able to be by your side in times like this, it just felt right. It was the same thing when you were at my side when I wasn't well. I can't find any more words to say how much that meant to me. So much in life that has been thrown at us. So many awful things that I couldn't begin to list it down, but yet, it is being shadowed by all the good things that is being showered at us. You're the only thing that is worth breathing in. For all I know, the good has made me cherish what I have right now.

When my arms are getting tired for carrying my load, and when my eyes are getting tired, you will dim the lights down. Every word that being put down meant nothing than the actions you could ever give. And all I am asking now is just lemme be. Cause that is the only thing I wanna do right now.

And before I forgot, finding you is the best thing that happens to me. 

Everybody wants to look into the mirror
And feel a little better now
And everybody wants to know there's someone out there
Waiting for you to come around

And I wish that you could feel it
But you don't choose to believe it
'Cause I know that you can't see it
That way, that way

Everybody wants to tell someone their secrets
Why don't you tell me now?
Well, maybe I can fix this, then I don't want you to miss this
Say I'm sorry, raining down

Sometimes it's hard to be yourself in this crazy world
Sometimes it's hard to breathe

Everybody wants to know there's someone out there
Waiting for you to come around
If you could only just stop running
If you could only take a second to breathe it in
Everything that you know would be beautiful like you

You know they're never gonna stop your love
Let's pretend that the world is waking up
Everything that we see is beautiful like you


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