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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rihanna Scores 20th No. 1 on Dance/Club Play Chart; Second-Most No. 1s Ever

Rihanna's latest No. 1 smash on Dance/Club Play Songs, "Right Now," is a special one. It marks her 20th No. 1 on the chart, putting her alone in second place for the most No. 1s in the 37-year history of the chart.

She steps ahead of Janet Jackson, who has 19 leaders. Rihanna trails only Madonna, with 43 No. 1s. The new Dance/Club Play Songs chart, where Rihanna is No. 1, will appear on this Thursday (Aug. 8).

Rihanna's 20 No. 1s were collected in less than a decade, starting with her debut single "Pon De Replay" on Oct. 8, 2005 -- less than eight years ago.

"Right Now," which features David Guetta, hits the top in its sweet 16th week on the chart. It ties for the longest climb to No. 1 this century, matching the slow rises of Rihanna's own "Where Have You Been" (June 9, 2012) and Blaze Presents U.D.A.U.F.L. featuring Barbara Tucker's "Most Precious Love" (June 4, 2005).

"Right Now" debuted at No. 50 on the chart in early February, shortly following the release of Rihanna's "Unapologetic" album last November. "Right Now" hung out in the lower region of the chart for 10 weeks, peaking at No. 33, until it fell off the chart in late April.

Then, when official remixes of "Right Now" were released and promoted to club DJs last month, the track re-entered the chart at No. 44. It jumped to No. 1 six weeks later.

"Right Now" was remixed for club floors by the likes of by Dyro, Sick Individuals, Justin Prime and Ralphi Rosario.

"Where Have You Been" followed a similar trajectory last year. It also debuted in early February as DJs gave it unsolicited play it after the "Talk That Talk" album release. "Where" charted from January through April of 2012, and then returned to the chart in May after it was promoted as an official single.

Here is a recap of Rihanna's now 20 Dance/Club Play Songs No. 1s

  • "Pon De Replay," Oct. 8, 2005
  • "SOS," May 13, 2006
  • "Unfaithful," July 29, 2006
  • "We Ride," Feb. 3, 2007
  • "Umbrella" (featuring Jay-Z), July 7, 2007 (two weeks at No. 1)
  • "Don't Stop the Music," Sept. 8, 2007
  • "Shut Up and Drive," Dec. 8, 2007
  • "Disturbia," Sept. 13, 2008
  • "Russian Roulette," Feb. 20, 2010
  • "Hard" (featuring Jezzy), March 6, 2010
  • "Rude Boy," May 15, 2010
  • "Only Girl (In the World)," Nov. 13, 2010
  • "Who's That Chick?" (David Guetta featuring Rihanna), Feb. 2, 2011
  • "S&M," April 2, 2011
  • "California King Bed," Sept. 24, 2011
  • "We Found Love" (featuring Calvin Harris), Nov. 19, 2011 (two weeks)
  • "You Da One," Feb. 18, 2012
  • "Where Have You Been," June 9, 2012
  • "Diamonds," Dec. 15, 2012
  • "Right Now" (featuring David Guetta), Aug. 17, 2013
Source : Billboard


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