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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Partly Over

Two and a half weeks since I sat down and face myself. I never plan it to be this way but somehow when it hits me, I just have to face it as it hits me. Anyhow, I ain't gonna wind it here on this post. I am now on my flight just having some me time and I guess it is just about time to come back to reality. 

Every time when something right comes it's way, we as human sometimes just don't see it. We overlook it somehow. But what can we do when we realize that is the case? Sometimes, people tells us take it one day at a time. Some people will just tells you to follow your heart. But what exactly could we do?

Something really close to who you are, smoking cigarettes in the dark night, thinking that you were about to lose your mind. Always wondering what is sneaking up to you next. But what we always overlook is what we know. We always know the way to go. We tend to forget that sometimes life is beautiful. Sometimes I just wish that it was me.

Taken off from LAX to HND. Somehow glad I am taking Japan Airlines. The JAL Sky Wifi is actually quite fast. Anyhow, I am glad I have finished the new template for my blog and revamp the whole playlist on my player too. I know it has been a while since I sit down and write something that meant something to me.

Honestly, the past few weeks has been intense. Work wise, health wise, life wise, everything isn't just that easy some how. But sometimes, we just had that crazy look in our eyes. To think the things that ought to be. And makes it just harder to breath.

But I know all will be over soon somehow. I am flying on a journey to my safe haven. I know when I land in Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, I will see you there with your open arms. At least after all that struggle after so many weeks, it just seems to be right. I will be having just me and you time. It doesn't seems really long but it definitely feels that way. Maybe with the working timetable, and the treatment period is being so intense, I didn't even have that space to just breath. Now listening to Kellie Pickler's "Someone, Somewhere Tonight" on my iPod, I could finally smile somehow. The loneliness that was building inside somehow subsided. There is so much I wanna say but nothing seems to matters now. I will be seeing you soon.

August 6th is definitely a special day to me. Andrew, happy birthday to you and with many great wishes returns. There ain't nothing I would wish for but just your good health and lotsa love from me. I know that you will be having a great celebration back home. Just wished that I could be there to tell you in person and give you a hug right now but I know that ain't long for me to do that.

Life is just a roller coaster ride. When we see the things that happens around us as they are, we will definitely be in that emotion that we were program to be. Suffering is inevitable, but to feel the pain is a choice. Life is definitely still beautiful to me. 


  1. It isn't me. It's an abstract of feeling naked emotionally.

  2. That Andrew is so lucky to get a hug from u for his b'day~ i want one too! haha

  3. Hahaha... Jason, your birthday past already. Wait for next year. I give you one.

  4. This is surprisingly a conciliatory approach

  5. Hahaha.. not really Nomad. It's just how I feel.



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