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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Every little thing we go through are a little sorta journeys for us. Even sipping a nice cuppa coffee, it can be what we want it to be. To me, it is all little experience that sums up things in life. Being home now after some time, it just feels right.

There are so many things I wanna put out right here, but I guess time isn't right just yet. Maybe some other time. Every little journey begins with a little small hope. Will be dealing with some visa issue right now. Not really for me but yea.. 

I was with a heavy heart for the past few days. There are so many doubts that is lingering around. I am still figuring out things so I actually know where I will be heading towards. I am trying to stay calm and look at the positive side of things right now. Somehow, you just can't have two person being in the dark side together. It's just a recipe for disaster. I don't blame on why all the out lashes because I knew deep down if I were you, I may feel the same way. If I am being honest to myself, I really wanted things to happen. It was like what Andrew once told me a few years back, 
"all of us, sitting somewhere enjoying our coffee in a winter's day"
This is like a dream for the 6 of us. It will be like "finally". When there was 3, we were just little lost single souls dreaming for love. And now, when everything fallen into place, this must be a journey that we have to take. I know that now, on our plate, there are so much uncertainties. But I need to be positive. I must be. The date has been set, it will be on the 18th of Oct 2013. It will be a celebration of love and friendship. I just wanted this to happen real bad. Am I too selfish for pushing this?


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