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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Airline Perks For Luxury Travel

While many airlines offer extras to those who pay more, some take it one step further. CNBC has collected a list of airline perks that only super-rich fliers will be able to take advantage of.

Showering Mid-Flight – Currently only Emiratesoffers this to passengers of its A380s, and even then fliers must make a reservation and limit their showers to five minutes.

In-Flight Massages - Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited use to offer this as a service to super-rich fliers. The company now offers discounted or free massages and manicures at some of its spas to make up for cancelling the service.

Beds on Planes – Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Deutsche Lufthansa offer first-class fliers an actual bed. Emirates and Japan Airlines cover their lie-flat seats with mattresses.

On-board Chefs - Etihad Airways and Austrian Airlines both allow fliers to order food made by a chef during the flight. American Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlinesallow fliers to order food from a special menu before the flight.

Personal Minibars - Emirates and Etihad both offer fliers who shell out the money for a suite a personal minibar filled with drinks and snacks.

Chauffeur Services - Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa and Emirates all offer to chauffeur premium-class passengers to and from airports.

Source : CNBC


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