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Friday, August 30, 2013

Double Standard Practice In Skyscrapercity Forum

Well well well. This is really an interesting night for me. I won't be writing anything about my short retreat here in Thailand on this post, but just thought of writing something a little more interesting. Well, as you all know I am kinda a big fan of posting stuff of skyscrapers, aircrafts and many others regarding massive development projects. Well, is the forum I usually get to see all these amazing stuff that I am really interested to know more about. This is like a gold mine to me. Especially when I spend most of my time in London and New York, I get all the new information to read especially development for Malaysia. 

Also with the celebration of our national day, I guess I should be writing about this. Hahaha.. Well, this is where everyone usually talks about. - Double Standard. I know that this is a forum where everyone can express what they feel about on any kinda thread. But sometimes, it felt really stupid reading all this crap. I don't know why, I just think that unless you express something that is in line with the moderator, you will be fine. If you don't, you will be prime target. 

Honestly, I kinda don't care much any more. Sooner or later, my ID will be banned too if anyone read this? Well, I know the job of being a moderator. But, doesn't it mean you shouldn't be taking sides? Of course, he will always have the reasons to do so. I don't really spend much time on the Malaysia forum as much as I use to. Cause it really makes me sick with all the "drama". 

I know somehow, no one will do anything, nor say anything to change it. Well, if anyone would love to talk about politics, go to the politic thread. But not to every single thread and just blast every single thing here and there. Honestly, there are many of them who totally abide and understand this point. I really admire Diujai if I spelled his ID properly. Even when he is against certain projects, he will just stay out of whatever topic that is not related on "skyscraper". Oh well.. Whatever it is, it's just really no point continue talking. 

No matter who, where, or when, as of now, double standard is still something widely practice through out. Even as  moderator, who was suppose to stand on neutral grounds. But what can we do? Hahaha.. Just read for fun I suppose. 

But there is one quote he put out. I wonder what will happen if he says the same thing in the US or UK forum? Well, maybe this whole forum is created that way. I don't know. He is after-all the moderator and also one of the creator.( From what he says) so.. well, this is how we have to live with it. 
"We are not a democracy nor a beacon of free-speech. You have to live with that." - Szehoong (Moderator of SSC Malaysia Forum)

I know this is only a part of the conversation, but yea, sounds good?  
To criticize and complain is not an offense. Hmm.. So when he was being criticize, what will happen? Check out the thread if you wanna know more. It's just hilarious. 

Even "like" post which are anti-moderator needs a public warning? I know he is running this, but is it really necessary? 

So now talking on other topic and the thread will be shut down. So it makes me wonder, if political views and skyscraper are actually the same thing? Hmm... I should ask my 6 year old cousin? Sorry about the sarcasm, it just makes me laugh all the time when he has nothing to say. 
Best part of this I wanna highlight is this. "We are not a democracy nor a beacon of free-speech. You have to live with that."


  1. I'm also fed up of this double faced, triple standards Sze Hoong too. I also got abused by him. Although I didn't got banned, but his behaviour and abuse of power cum his unreasonable EGO has BEYOND HOPES. Sooner or later, it's just a matter of time, he will destroy the forum. In the end you shall see ONLY THOSE people passing and giving comments, new comers will be fast to come, fast to go. (mostly/majority).



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