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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bargain

The bargaining process begins. Wherever it might leads me to, I just wish it would stop for a moment there. Maybe all I needed now is a breather. The paths were unclear, it felt like I was ready for a crash landing. I wanna put myself there and be ready for everything that is. Maybe when all the truth were forbidden, there were just laws to be broken.

I miss you D. It has been like a week now. Or it actually felt that way to me to think about it. I just wanna read all about it. But those pages were blank. For some reasons, I just couldn't reach out for you. No matter how far or near our distance are. I just miss having you around.

Written something new and I am pretty happy how it actually turn out to be. For some reasons, it really was like me having to be in that bubble and walking pass that moment in time. And I realize something that I didn't really look at it as a big deal before. But it really kinda bugs me somehow. Every time when someone see me in the eye and look at everything in one point, and I didn't ever like it to be seen as a victim. I never wanted to be that. I never like it either. But just, every single time.. It is..nevermind..

Sometimes, it just bugs me. You eventually just didn't wanna bother much any more. Anyway..  I dunno what I am crapping either here. Everything from a good draft to nonsense venting. 


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