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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Different World

The nature of my work, from being in reality to exploring parts of emotional uncertain realms. I couldn't say I do not enjoy my work. Or I don't even see it as work from time to time. I love expressing everything out in my music. And that is one of the ways of bringing the meaning of life. At least, to me that made sense. I am not afraid of being judge or how others will think about my music. If there was one thing I am sure in life is my music.

Well, I guess that is really when people really starts to misunderstood me. I find that everything is really fragile. Just waiting for my crash landing. There is so much going on in my mind right now. But I really realize how could I express it all out, other than just my music? Taking one step in front, and I was just eyeing to take the back seat to enjoy the show.

One thing I will never get use to is I understood my predicament of not having control over my own body. I will never wished I never had this. Maybe once in a while I will. But deep down, it is already a part of me. I would be patient and looking for all the answers if I have the time. And I also know, I wouldn't be smiling if I wasn't desperate.

The choices I made are simple from a distance. Every step I have taken, it doesn't matter if anyone could understood me. Cause somehow I know from my music, they would understand. At least so far, most of the songs written did me well. Every expression from the heart, it meant something. And it isn't words that could explain. Those who knew me well, just know what exactly my point is. Maybe sometimes, I really cared a lil too much. Of how others really see me. But the argument dies off when the music flows.

We can lie, we can say whatever we want or just what we wanted others to know. But when it comes to music, it is one rare form that I find no one could ever do that. And the reason why is we feel with our heart when we listen to it. And it never stop to amaze me when I see people tearing when they listen to my scores. Tearing not because it was just painful but every single kinda emotions that it could be. And I really didn't do that as much. Just only a few occasions. And it was the happiest moment in life to see that happen.

There are so much going through me right now. And I really wish I could tell you every single thing about it right now. But maybe time.. when it is right.. you will know every single bit of it. For now, I really couldn't let what others may think to stop what I am doing. Letting go all the pride, just being myself in my own world.


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