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Monday, April 15, 2013

Saying A Prayer For Boston

Taking a moment and reflecting on what a lost the world is going through right now. I'll never really understand what goes on in these people heads for them to do something so horrible to innocent people.People go to the movies get shot, people go to school get shot, people run a marathon get bombed this world is messed up. It's sad that this even has to be a trend. this is something that shouldn't have happened & the people in our world are sick.
"We live in a world where we hide to make love, but violence is practiced in broad daylight"
Tragic event like this serve as a timely reminder to cherish your loved ones while they're still around, alive and kicking. I send my heart out to the families of victims who died today in Boston. Let all our thoughts and prayers be with the victims of Boston.


  1. yeah. violence is getting worse everywhere and nothing done to stop it. It gonna be hard for them. May their soul rest in peace.

    And on a side note, was glad u were still not back in Boston when it happened or else who knows what gonna happen



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