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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Side Effects Of You - Fantasia Barrino - AMAZING

The first thing I did in the morning is checking on my iTunes and boom it was already there. Fantasia's new album Side Effects Of Me is finally here. The Grammy winner, who mostly collaborates with producer Harmony Samuels on the new album, declares a whole new lease on life, delivering a more mature, no-nonsense version of her former self.

Fantasia may be a modern woman by most accounts -- after all, her music career boomed when she won "American Idol" in 2004 -- but maybe she's an old-fashioned gal at heart.

The way her raspy voice intertwines with the retro vibe of her new "Side Effects of You" proves she's comfortable in the rock/soul sound of decades ago. It's a clear upgrade from 2010's "Back to Me," where Fantasia was in and out of her zone in the thoroughly contemporary pop/dance context.

Whereas much of that previous release felt phoned in, with the vocalist oversinging at times (perhaps in an attempt to disguise the material's shortcomings), "Side Effects of You" sparkles with sincerity. Fantasia appears more involved in the process here, testing out subtle nuances and belting with more discretion.

She's surprisingly suitable for the wistful, gorgeously arranged "If I Was a Bird," conveying a downcast need for escapism in the thumping groove. Fantasia likewise dovetails with the foreboding context of "Without Me," displaying a sardonic side as she employs a smoky/slinky delivery for lines such as "As hard as you try to hide reality, you know the truth ... What would you be without me?"

Elsewhere, Fantasia is tough in the classic R&B of "Get It Right," eerily convincing as an obsessive lover on "End of Me" and both stately and understated on the textured closer, "In Deep."

There are bumps along the way. Simplistic philosophy permeates the lyrics, and Fantasia sometimes zigs when she should zag.

The lead single, "Lose to Win," is a heartfelt anthem, and she delivers her vocals with intense emotion. Having faced her fair share of public scrutiny over the years, it's evident Fantasia is singing from experience and the message here is clear.
Yet she usually sounds invested in these songs, and it's better to hear her flop in the experimental rhythm of "Change Your Mind" or get swarmed by an excess of adornment in the stomping "So Much to Prove" than it is to hear her simply go through the motions.

Fantasia also shines on the reggae-influenced R&B jam "Ain't All Bad" and the title track, a ballad written by breakthrough Scottish singer Emeli Sande. On the latter track, you'll feel Fantasia's pain and appreciate her realness.
01 Supernatural Love (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
02 Ain’t All Bad
03 If I Was a Bird
04 Girl Talk (Interlude)
05 Without Me (feat. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott)
06 Side Effects of You
07 Get It Right
08 So Much to Prove
09 Change Your Mind
10 Lighthouse
11 Lose to Win
12 End of Me
13 In Deep
14 Haunted (feat. Tank, King Los, Al Sherrod Lambert & Jamia)
15 To the Heavens


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