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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beautiful Nightmare

There I was lying on the cold floor, I couldn't feel anything but sharp pains that constantly bleeding me. Everything is twirling around me. I couldn't see it clearly but all I hear was "Hold on there baby, it will go away. Hold on there. I am just right here." whispering into my ears. My mind is just every where. I have no idea what was going on right now and everything went black...

All I am now was lying on a hard bed. I couldn't move. But my hands is holding on to another hand. I wanted to just sit up and know what when wrong. But I felt like I was being bind. Whenever I try to move, something seems to stab into me.

I hear your warm comforting voice beside me. The pain seems secondary. I try to comprehend everything but it doesn't make any sense to me. The helplessness in me just disappear. I felt safe. Like the world completes me. Nothing will come to harm, and I could finally rest in peace.

And there I was, In Cornwall Park over One Tree Hill in Auckland. Just you and me standing on the hill top. It was windy, you held me from behind. And for every reason that is, you whisper into my ears.
See, I told you it will just pass. And I am still here. Even you are resting. 
 Somewhat I knew I am already asleep. Just standing there with you, overlooking Ellerslie. A little small place where I could call home once. Everything doesn't seems right but it doesn't matter. I was safe. The reality raincheck could come much later. I didn't bother to wanna know why in reality and dreams you could just be right here. And I couldn't remember anything else after that.

Every single thing that we have, it feels real. Until today, it is still. And that part of me, wanting to keep me breathing on. I saw you, and still here at this hour, I knew that I wasn't alone to begin with from this day forth. You were just here with me.. right here.. and I am just blessed with a soul to be with me at times like this... I know this sounded really stupid, but I do miss you, every day, and every second of my existence.. Somehow, it just made this journey easier for me to go on.


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