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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whispering Over The Other Side

Every cuts that bears on my skin, it feels like a little part of me being consumed unwillingly. But there isn't any choice for me. The sweet sounds of torturing singing within. I let him love me and let it be my story. It defies all my word when it comes to solitude. There is a deep part of me, just needed a hand to hold.

The givers heart breaks and the helplessness eats him up inside. My recklessness causes everything that I wanted to avoid. But I knew it was a genuine concerns and love extended to give strength. I let myself soaking in that pool of selfishness. And I couldn't feel it was right or wrong.

With now the only thing I have is being one with IT. Letting IT overpowering my will. I am still holding on. For now.. I guess it is still alright. But the wave is strong. I feel it coming my way. And here I am, finding that last beautiful part of darkness and be as one. The blood in my veins are like sharp needles, and somehow, reminding me, "This is what being alive is.".. I am not afraid of death, I welcome them as an equal. But the only fear is seeing the loved ones crumbling over the high walls.

And all I ever wanted is just keeping to be alive.

Hear the ghosts in the moonlight.
Sorrow doing a new dance
Through their bone, through their skin.

To the souls in the fool's night.
Fumbling mutely with their rude hands...
And there's heartache without end...

See the father bent in grief,
The mother dressed in mourning.
Sister crumbles,
And the neighbors grumble.
The preacher issues warnings...

Little miss didn't do right.
Went and ruined all the true plans—
Such a shame, such a sin.

Home alone on a school night.
Harvest moon over the blue land,
Summer longing on the wind...

Had a sweetheart on his knees,
So faithful and adoring.
And he touched me,
And I let him love me.
So let that be my story...

For the hope, for the new life—
Something beautiful, a new chance.
Hear, it's whispering,
There, again...


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