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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This take back to a long time back in time. Something that soils into my mind. One of my bestie once told me this by the beach.
Life is simple.
Another bestie of mine was talking to me last night about something he came across. Another life lost to cancer. And he told me that he didn't know what will he do if he was at that same position. In many ways, there are more things worst than cancer. What was the downside of cancer? Feeling tired, pain attacks from time to time, and medications. But I strongly believe that sometimes, things happen for a reason. From time to time, yes emotionally will be really feeling down and couldn't take the pain and all. But when it is over, things are better.

I am kinda used to it now. After all, it has been good 7 years for me. But what else is new, what I really do find life is wonderful is because I lived it. No idea what is wrong with me. Maybe being back home here makes everything feels right? Or I have a bunch of besties who are Assholes Bastards! You know who you are! :P They have been killing me softly!  Anything they knew would always be something to just torture me!

With everything that has been going on, I have to say I am blessed to be honest. I just couldn't wait to be back in KL. I don't know is the weather making me feeling mellow or just me being me. Hahaha.. But I know today would be another wonderful of man to come. Loving the usual coffee and "me" time. But everything would come to an end.

Oh, by the way, couldn't wait to post something really interesting and new soon. So stay tune! I am waiting to grab those tracks and share it with you guys before the world does.
My bestie immortalize the moment when she told me : Dear, actually life is simple. Of course those are not us! We saw this young couple and it just struck us. Life is simple. 

Anyway, taking this moment for the lost lives in Hurricane Sandy. My prayers to the families of the 16 lives lost in the Hurricane. May peace be with them.


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