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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Besties Are Assholes

Despite of the title of this post, the truth shall be spoken! All my besties are assholes! That is why I love them so much! Fact is, I am blessed to have them with me all this while. Me for being me, they just know how to get the best outta me.

They really know where is my weakness to just push those buttons so I will walk past them and move on. Even on my diet! Kept mentioning corndogs and all. And yes, they never stop pushing me to get out from my celibacy vow.

And on the recent event from my nightmare, Rainer totally gave me a tight slap on the face! No idea should I love her for that or thank her. I totally deserve that for doubting myself because of my own conscience. And when I talk to Mr D, as usual, he always made me felt safe and sound. No matter what I am going through. To quote something he told me, I really am thankful to have him in my life.
Dreams do not dictate the way to live our lives.
He knew that music was my passion and what I am doing is for. I just do not know how much could I express my gratitude for you. You were always there for me. Love you loads!!!

The best part of it, when I told my mom, she totally ignore me. I love her for that! Classic move as ever!

Anyway, I am now still planning my birthday bash! It would be just a small internal affair with my besties. But the thing now is where? Was thinking to go on some island in Thailand or Bali for that! Still weighing my options! I know that weekend would be awesome. It would be loads of intimate time to catch up with all of them. It would be something I am looking yearly. Still looking at the villas and salivating towards the bath tub. I have a thing for nice bath tub. I know.. But not in the kinky way. Just wanted to explain before some ideas pop up. Can't wait to be back in Asia!


  1. Yeah, the more I check out the villas, the more I wanted Bali over Thai's island. But which part of Bali is best? Reckon any?

  2. Hehe, never been to that part of the world before.

    Whatever it is, am sure you are going to have a blast !



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