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Thursday, October 18, 2012


This song speaks about a self-acceptance of the journey of life. In recognizing the sad nature of things, rather than choosing to give in to defeat there is a choice to make life a lighter meaning. Originally sang by the great Emeli Sandé. Emeli is someone new in the industry. She has a Mary J and Beyonce vibe to her voice. The song I posted on my playlist is a cover by Charice. 

I guess at times that I am going through now, I find a lot of peace in music. I am kinda in a writing block at the moment. Good thing is there isn't a song due now so it is all good. All I am looking forward is heading back to the States for Halloween. I guess I could say I will end my year with a good note this year. Things are unexpectedly kind to me. With the beauty and love given to me, I couldn't possibly complaint about the physical pain that is haunting me now and then. 

The tour will end in days now. I just wanted to go home to where I could get my rest. I can't wait to be back in NYC and looking forward to head back to Malaysia too. But what I really miss are the loved ones of mine. Seeing the time I left, it's almost 5 months now since I last saw all of you. I really wish to share all the pain, joy and love with you guys. 

As of my health, chemo isn't as painful as expected or as before. Maybe it is our own emotions that really makes the difference. Things are turning better and better. I also wanted to thank someone who really helps me a lot through these time. Steven Payton. (even thou every time when you open your mouth and sing, it is just magical.) With all that the support is given, I am really thankful. It isn't easy to go through life alone when everyone you love and care are thousand of miles away from you. But like I say earlier, it has been kind to me. I was never really alone at all. Just feeling thankful and blessed.  Anyhow, I wanted to share this song with you guys. It is really a beautiful song. Maybe hope someone I know will do a cover of this song? Hahah.. Let's hope for it. 

I guess it's funnier from where you're standing
'Cause from over here I miss the joke
Clear the way for my crash landing
I've done it again
Another number for your notes

I'd be smiling if I wasn't so desperate
I'd be patient if I had the time
I could stop and answer all of your questions
As soon as I find out 
How I can move from the back of a lie

I'd be less angry if it was my decision
And the money was just rolling in
If I had more than my ambition
I'll have time for please
I'll have time for thank you
As soon as I win

From a distance my choice is simple
From a distance I can entertain
So you can see me
I put makeup on my face
But there's no way you can feel it
From so far away

I'll be your clown
Behind the glass
Go 'head and laugh
'Cause it's funny
I would too if I saw me
I'll be your clown
On your favorite channel
My life's a circus, circus
Round in circus
I'm selling out tonight


  1. Music is really a magical thing in the world. =D

    For the last paragraph, just want give you a *Hug" =)

  2. Shin Yong, Thank you. It meant a lot to me. :)



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