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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Pride : LGBT Americans for Obama

This is such a strong message. Growing up as an Asian who is now living in America, I always believed we live in the best country, we had freedom of self expression and celebrated differences of culture and thought. It was so disappointing to find out that there are still those who would discriminate based on love and lifestyle. But with Obama we are slowly evolving to that point where marriage can be redefined as a monogamous relationship between two people rather than man and woman and we can really all be equal.

The LGBT civil rights movement has had an incredible journey since the 1969 Stonewall Riots with many historic milestones in the past decade alone. The only way that momentum can continue is if Obama is voted in for a second term. I applaud everyone who's made a stand by taking part in this video - and Jesse, you made me cry!


  1. Although it's a relate to election video, still feel so touching about the feeling and thought they share. Acceptance and tolerance. =)

  2. Shin Yong, exactly my point! What the election campaign meant is the people matters.



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