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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York

Wrapping up everything in London and now back in NYC! The greatest city in the world! At least to me it is! When I just landed, all I could think of is
I am home! 

Imma gonna like spend 2 days here and I am gonna head back to Boston! I wanna just sink myself in my own bed! But the sad thing is Imma not gonna be here for long. Will be leaving back to Malaysia and meet my family and we are off again to our vacation! Submitted my visa application! I can't wait for my exotic trip to even get started. 3 Countries! Sri Lanka, India and Nepal! But not gonna talk much about it now.

For now, I am just gonna like indulge myself back here with the things I love to do! CORNDOGS!!! And heading back to Boston to just do nothing but sleep ad meet up old friends! But I only got like 2 weeks to do that before all the hectic work starts again! By the way, video shoot is super awesome! We wrapped up everything in London and it was fun!

Now I realize Imma gonna have a headache! Halloween in coming! I need my costume! I love trick or treating in Boston! Imma also having some close friends around with me over in Boston! How I wish Winter comes early this year! Can't wait for first snow! If that is even possible! Anyhow, just check in to my room. List of things to do. Headache again!

1. Ticket back to Boston!
2. Hospital appointments!
3. Fixing tune for my God Bro JJ and send back to Malaysia to him!
4. Start exercising for god sake! You are FAT ERIC!!!
5. Order fire wood before arriving in Boston! It's getting cold now!
6. Call home!
7. Check tickets back to KL for transit!
8. Call Rainer tomorrow!

By the way, mental note taken! British Airways is a little over rated! It isn't all worth paying for that! It was just alright! Nothing amazing about their business class. For the record, I still prefer Asian airlines! Service, food, and everything is just perfect the moment you step in the plane!

Anyway, time to hunt for corndog! As now the jet lag has not kick in! Better spend my day out than in! Calling my buds and heading for a nice cozy dinner! That would be lovely!

All I really wanna say here is, I LOVE NYC and it's great to be back! Oh, and 2 more weeks till elections! Means, loads of goodies! I wish green card holder could vote! But, I have made up my mind! I know how the future is for me! Even without voting!


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