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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Holiday Ending

Alrighty, I know I didn't really blog much about myself lately. I wanted to just enjoy my time here back in Boston. As much as I didn't want it to end, but it will be in just days. I really enjoyed my "me" time back here so far. Excluding all the pain going on, I think I pretty much love to be back somewhere I could call home.

What I really enjoyed most is my morning time hunting for coffee. I guess it will never be complete if it didn't really happen. Fall is beautiful here. 3 shades of color around the block. Went back to Berklee to visit my old mates and professors, heading downtown playing around with my camera, no work, nothing but doing things I wanted. I realize that time flies really fast. The last time I was back here was in Dec last year. And now November is coming real soon. Hmm...

Anyway, a quickie update on myself, I went for my appointment at the hospital. Things are going well I think. I just needed to finish up 2 more dosage of Chemotherapy and there are no signs of spreading at the moment. So, I guess I am good for that.

Just a few days back, I tweeted and also posted on Facebook on something I came across.
Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more
 I was at a sheet music store and this was something I saw on a cover of some sheet music. It was inspiring and I wanted to share this part of the story. Maybe some may not agree, but I do think this is really a beautiful phrase. Life is really a gift. And to give back is a way to show how much life meant to us.

As this is something I come across all the time. Maybe is my work nature that needed me to be in many places around the world. And many would think I come from a high income family or something. But fact is, I am from a middle class family. Got myself to study music by scholarship and I was just lucky enough to be notice by a really great mentor of mine to get into this label now. Anyway, I guess assumptions are the things that is out of my control. (Or I should say, I don't really bother to explain myself. LOL)

Oh, Red is still looping on my iTunes at the moment, I would really love to hear some feedback if anyone had already check that album out. In so many ways, the more I listen to it, the more you would really feel her emotions that is conveying through her music. She doesn't have a big range in her voice, not the most powerful voice in town. But sold millions of copies in the first week. I guess being honest is the key of her music. Sadly, not many artist would really dig into their own emotions.

I have to head to LA next week after Halloween. I really wish I don't have to leave home so soon. But with the upcoming release and all. It will be another busy period for me. I can't wait for you guys to listen to her tracks. My personal favorite is People Like Us. Something personal. And by saying that, I needed to head down to New York before LA to pick up my stuff. That sucks! Sometimes, I just wish I could just crash here and do nothing for the whole year. Which I know, I will be complaining if ever that happen after a week. Hahaha..

I can't wait for my long holiday during Christmas period. I'm bringing my whole family to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. No idea what to expect but just letting it roll at the moment. Oh crap, I started trading again after months of not doing it. Guess that this time gonna be pretty challenging for me. At the moment, Imma still gonna just laze myself around and enjoy while I still can.

And I also can't wait to share another new song with you guys soon. I written that and now, it is with Andrew. I am waiting for his lyrics, past to one of my singers to do the demo. I love the tune, and I am really anticipating what Andrew could come up with. Anyway, signing off now for breakfast with my boys today. I can't wait to see them. Till then again..

ps - I still couldn't make up my mind on my Halloween costume. I don't want any make up on. Just a mask and keeping it simple. Thinking of being a pregger zombie or a clown. Hmm..


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