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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Journey Continues

I have been wanting to write something for days but I couldn't. Every time I try to sit up, the pain continues to haunt me. But it is all good today. Thinking why not take this opportunity to vent a little today. The UK leg tour has just started. But what is honestly warm to me is having Cow around. I just don't know why but she just know what to do and what to say. Weird right? 

Anyway, I kinda told her about the accidental make out night with Dumdum few weeks ago. The only face she could give me is a blank one! I think she is as lost of words as I was. But she kinda start blasting me  after her engine starts. My turn to be blank. But later after that, she understood what actually happens. It was kinda the emotions that we all are going through from time to time and the bond we had.

But I gotta share this from what she says, she asked me that have I ever had sex with any of my close friends. Honestly, yes besides the girls. And she was like "you slut!" And I was like "Thank you :P" I don't know about many others, but in my perspective, I would rather have sex with someone I know and trust than just a random person. Somehow, I get it with what some other that  the "Weird out period" that may occur but I always tell them, it was just sex! I enjoyed it and they enjoyed it. So get over it and keep it simple. Even some of it isn't that all great.. LOL... No names..

But what I am confuse with her is that I made out with Dumdum. I didn't had sex with him. Where did that topic even arise. Yet another blank face from her. Anyway, my point is that it is really great to me having someone you love and care with you before the next chemo. 

Anyhow, I have been complaining about the visa applications for a few countries I gotta be next year! Such a bitch! I just told Ian I have this urge of throwing my work and head back to Boston or KL. Sometimes, it isn't that I don't enjoy my work. I am not complaining about the opportunity given to me by learning to deal with GIGs. But there isn't any higher joy than just writing music. I am still trying to cope with the things I am learning. But I hope this isn't gonna be a diversion for me to get to deal with tours! I love tours, but not very much on the arrangements of set list and all the on the road life. 

Winter is coming real soon. I still remember just me and my big 3 during first snow last winter in NYC. It was the greatest moment for all 3 of us. And I just realize something! Dumdum is attached for years now. Cow is dating Brandon now! That leaves me... Imma not gonna think about it at the moment. By the way, Mr D's birthday is coming rel soon. I wish he is here with me now. Things will just be perfect. Anyhow, I can't wait to share more songs these coming few weeks. I seriously think that the 2014 Grammys will be a blood bath. 

On what I am feeling and how I am now, lets just put today as relatively good. Keeping it simple. :-) Best way to start my Saturday!


  1. Hmm, just something that I think I won't commit myself to.

  2. It's jus preferences la! No biggie about it..



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