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Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't Rush - Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson‘s upcoming greatest hits album, Greatest Hits — Chapter One, has already spawned one major single — the reflective, inspirational midtempo “Catch My Breath” — but Clarkson isn’t content to corner just one part of the market. Having already met with significant success for her Jason Aldean collaboration,“Don’t You Wanna Stay,” the chanteuse is releasing a country single from her greatest hits compilation as well. For this track, titled “Don’t Rush,” Clarkson teamed up with country crooner Vince Gill for a duet that’s as sensuous and lush as anything in Clarkson’s catalog. 
In “Don’t Rush,” Clarkson — a Texas native, lest you forget — imbues her restrained vocals with an additional twang that’s perfectly suited for the country instrumentation. “Just hanging on every touch, baby don’t rush,” Clarkson sings on the sweet chorus. As with her Aldean duet, having a sparring partner brings Clarkson’s impressively emotive vocals to life, and Gill proves a more-than-capable mate — even if the yearning of her Aldean duet was perhaps more powerful.

The song’s breezy soft-rock sound feels a little neutered, but it’s also pretty likable — and even if we love our Clarkson with claws, we don’t need her to be so edgy all the time.
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