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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feeling The Blues

One of the best moments in life is when we share that special moment with someone that really matters to is. But seemingly there is always a spot where it isn't enough for us. The thing I really ask myself was when will it be enough? Looking at time pass by, we do always miss those moments we really wish we take it seriously.

Maybe I am feeling just a little disturb. Or to be perfectly honest, jealous. I don't know what is wrong with me. I just felt sometimes, the priority was just crap to me. Whenever I think of it more, I felt like I just couldn't breath. I put effort to spend time with them, but all they have in mind was the in-laws. 

Listening to Clown a cover did by Charice originally sang by Emeli Sande. Just like what the song puts it. I am desperate I suppose. Desperate to make it right. But I wonder now am I trying too hard? Maybe I was.

I don't know is it the weather or me, I am feeling nostalgic a lot today. Missing certain people in my life. I really wish you were here. I guess it is ok for me to be emotional once a while. I just am so tired today. The only thing now in my mind that why is it all you. I wanna shout, I wanna sing, I wanna cry out! But I know the neighbor will be shouting back at me if I do.

Looking out the window with the raindrops. Just exactly the way I am feeling much right now. Time to go to bed for now. Hope it would be better in the morning.


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