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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blame Or Change

Sometimes, it is an embarrassment calling myself a Malaysian. I know that it is out of our control that what others wanna say and what they wanna do. But sometimes, it is just heartbreaking for me to see how others react to a certain things. Nothing specific but just on the general.

I do understand that we are a democratic country and all. We have our freedom to do what so ever we want. But how others react to things, it is either blame or complaint. It certainly has becoming a trend in the society. I ask myself, am I being raise to be like that? No.
Be a man, and take charge. Make that change. 
 That is what my mom always tells me. I know human nature has it's own thing going on. But I don't think that should be an excuses. We are in charge of our body and choices we make. Why hurt? Why slander? Why complaint? Why wind?

I am a patron on a few blogs and forum. One of them is skyscrapercity. Whenever I see some development thingy, surely I believe and respect everyone has a different taste to everything. But if you don't like it, doesn't mean that others will not. And some really love to slander. I am a penangite myself but I have to say, penangites out there most of them are really idiots and really an asshole. Complaint is what they love to do.

Whatever it is, I am not making this a winding long story, they just gotta say something bad and wish for things to fail. Sometimes I wonder, do you guys really have to? We all want to get our own country to a developed country status. But what a joke with the comments and all. Like seriously, in politics, everyone has their own view on it. If you don't like it, MAKE THAT CHANGE HAPPEN! When I told people that my dream was being a song writer in the music industry, people says that I am a fool. They complaint about the money, in advancement and the recognition in the industry. I won't deny that it is in fact a hard thing that all these has to be face. But I make that change. Working a few jobs to make sure I could afford my own life while keeping my dreams going on.I took charge of it.

In Facebook, sometimes, it is just utterly bull to me. I wonder what would I be if I were a little like them. I am currently suffering under a lot of pain, but would I just complaint about that, and will my pain go away? Will my cancer just disappear like that? I could just blame the whole world for not giving me the life I wanted. But I took charge or my life. I knew sometimes ranting is good. It gives us back that balance. I do that on twitter a lot. But I know majority followers of mine are my friends who really understands I am letting it out to just ventilate. But someone wise once told me, a little change a day, soon enough, it will just be better. Don't wish for the best in life, make the best outta what we have in life.

Yes, I could do what they are doing. But will it benefits me? Or will it make me a better person? Answer is really neither. But it will definitely make a joke outta myself. So on the game, which one will it be? The blame or change?


  1. Lesson learnt! We are the one who make dreams come true with the courage to pursue them even though it's a long journey.



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