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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Is Your Problem?

Stealing some time I have now to write this post. I just feel like exploding this morning! It is utterly rude and very inconsiderate to say such thing like that. I wonder sometimes are they really dumb or they are just that ignorant. I really don't understand what is going on in their mind.

I knew that they flew in to visit and all. But sometimes, I really wish to tear their mouth up and just give them a good tight slap. But I could say I am lucky to have my parents around to defend me. That is the only thing that really warm my heart up.

Somehow, I don't know is the generation gap or they are just stupid talking in front of me as if I couldn't hear what they are talking! I was lying there on the bed when they visit. It was like a zoo visit for them. I don't know what is their deal. It really annoys me that they just couldn't stop talking.

It all started with concerns. Then asking about the condition that I was going through. Then, they become doctors. Started to ask my parents about my life style and all. The most stupid question they ask was this.

" I think is because he is gay. He is not normal. That is why his condition doesn't really improved. Maybe should try some medication that can alter him "

I find this super offensive! What the fuck are they thinking? I was about to snap there and letting out my usual temper. My mom kinda step in to this.
I do not think it is a problem. He is perfectly normal. He eats, he walks, he fucks, he swear and he doesn't give a damn on what you think. So I think he is very normal. At least he is not retarded to think what went through that brain of yours.

Yes, that was the exact words came out from my mom. I was like game on MOM!! You rock! I should have took the picture of their faces at that point. It was priceless. Sometimes at points I really wish they these people were just in my position and feel what I felt if someone else did the same thing. But anyhow I am really blessed that my mom is at my back. I am just glad that they are here with me.

Anyhow, just wanna rant. Gonna get back to work.


  1. Those people are utterly superbly gonna get a slap from me if they ever said those things in front of me. How despicable of them. Your mom truly Rocks!! 2 big thumbs up for her!!

  2. Yeah guys.. My mom kinda did shut them up with that. I really shud have taken the pics and post it on instagram.. But it really warms my heart that my parents do understand and defending with what they have~

    Btw, AD, if you wanna slap them! Be my guest! I will buy you ticket to London to do so! LMAO

  3. I will! and I shall!

    p.s. - so when do I get the tickets? Haha

  4. Oh my, it's just so rude for them to actually utter that out.

  5. AD - Let me arrange. LMAO

    Chen Xing! Yes they are. so call family members. It is lucky for them that my brothers are not here. I suppose they will wrestle them. But yeah, they are. But somehow, they don't understand that sexual orientation isn't a choice. It also took years for my parents to understand all these. But I am glad they did get it in the end.

  6. wow! impressive ! your mom did a great job!

  7. Yea Alfred, she really did! Proud to have her as my mom!



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