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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Havoc by Alanis Morissette

This song relatively struck me right after I played it for the first time. I was checking out the great Alanis Morissette's new album Havoc & Bright Lights. It has been a while since we last hear from this great artist. 

Alanis has this edge that could push us to the cliff sometimes. But in a good way. I mean as a song writer, what you really wanted others to feel what you felt while writing that song. She conveyed the song perfectly. I guess this song struck me as there are many parts and bits we could possibly relate. From our own mistakes, to love, to celebration of life. Any aspect that we wanted to relate this song to. 

The lyrics has a grey zone in it. To shine or to despair. I don't know how could I possibly put it down in words. I know Havoc is looping on my iTunes now. Her sultry voice and the simple arrangement made the song perfect. 
Forgiveness is understanding.
This phrase hits me most. Somehow it is true about how we understand what we are going through in life. Somehow that forgiveness to one self is the affirmation in a millionth times.

The lyrics is really beautiful. The richness of emotions from her voice. Everything that leads us to feel that part of us that we are afraid to face. Having a replacement of something lost. The consequences of history repeating itself. Even so, how does regrets drives us. Under the influences of emotions and others. It is just a beautiful song.

Sinking myself into this beautiful tune. I somehow know what life could be for me. How to smile even when the sky is dark. She is really a great artist. Check out Havoc & Bright lights on iTunes. Remember, don't support piracy! For a better future  to the music industry. I am just saving my own ass with that statement. I just spoiled the moment. I know.. LOL..

Somehow, I rather sink myself into music than reading the feeds. I do not understand why others react to such negativity. Even on twitter. Like what I say earlier in the lyrics, Forgiveness is understanding. When we truly understand the situation, there will be peace. This is my way to celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day away from home. Give love when we still can. Not creating pain. Peace is what we wanted for our own country. A beautiful country that I always love. With my own way.

Just when I thought
I had handled solace
I can soften my guard behind false confidence

Just when I felt
Humbled by insipid
Except from this blind-side and from reading a script
Cause I am seduced by reaction and under the influence

I'm slipping again I'm
Up to my tricks off my wagon
I have no defense 
I'm wreaking havoc
Wreaking havoc and consequence

I get reduced by my own willfulness as
I reach for my usual odd replacements
Cause I wish for sanction it lacks in my steps

I'm slipping again I'm
Up to my tricks off my wagon
I have no defense 
I'm wreaking havoc
Wreaking havoc and consequence

Forgiveness is understanding that
Affirming a compact for the millionth time
On this tumbling house of cards of mine

I am beaten by my impulsiveness
By this uncanny foreshadowing of regret
Cause I'm repulsed by restriction at least that's my excuse

I'm slipping again I'm
Up to my tricks off my wagon
I have no defense I'm
Wreaking havoc
Wreaking havoc and consequence


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