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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Light Up My World

Lying here on a beautiful day listening to Levi on my iPod and thinking. Sometimes it would just take a simple thing in life to make us thankful of what we have. There's a certain young blogger that I recently came across. He reminded me of what a beautiful life we are living in. Being stripped down to the core and be who we are.

Remembered once Cornflakes told me that how could we go through things that we couldn't possibly think we could. The consequences and the risk of being weak of to stand up for ourselves. People help the people, if I had the strength to go on.

Closed my eyes and letting the beautiful piano bring me to my. Own world. I wonder sometimes how life would be for me if I hadn't have any of this crap I'm going through now. But yet, the moment came when the only two souls that gives us life, smile and tell us everything will be over soon. Without a doubt, I believed them. I shut out all the thoughts I had earlier. It granted me freedom. There isn't any chances for me to even change my mind. I understood what was the meaning of going on. The reason was just simple. It was love. It is love. Unconditional love. A mothers love.

I guess I am not making any sense again. But looking at a better place, I knew I will not stop living. I will have to embrace the pain. Taking myself to a better place. I kept telling myself, don't tear me down. Don't ever do that. The heart of me within the tune that flows out are the voices of my heart. People understand when they listen to it. Without lyrics, it brings you to where my heart is beating.

Oh well, I'm sorry to write another crappy post. But somehow, I just wanted to let things out. Counting every day. To the day I'm back to where I use to be. I know time is all I needed for now. I miss all of my biggie! I know it may sounded Irrelevant to many but I know those who understand what is this about knows where I am heading to. All I wanna say,

I miss you very much.


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