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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keat Hwa Marching Band 2012 Production - Spain (National Championship - Malaysia)

I know this may come a little late after nearly 2 months of the championship. As the championship this year was held in Kuala Terrenganu, the east coast of Malaysia. Top 8 teams qualify for Division One and Top 5 for Division Two. I am dedicating this post to the Division One Champion from Kedah State, SMJK Keat Hwa. Who won the overall title this year.

For my readers who are watching this video above, please do ensure that you are viewing in a higher resolution to listen to the technicality difficulty and maximum enjoyment for the show. I know viewing on video isn't the same as seeing them performing live. It brings you to a different level.

As Marching band is part of what I am passionate of in music. Everything that I am exposed to my early life in Music was Marching Band. Yes, I sounded corny but I admit I am a bandie in the old days. Whenever marching band comes to mind, Most people thinks that Drum Major tossing the mass, under the hot sun march for no reason playing old crappy marches. That was so 80s and 90s. The old days are over. I hope to find a better video to post as this is a close up video with better sound quality. The formations now aren't jus normal marches in boxes and straight lines. The whole production is a complete different show. Every team has 12 minutes to showcase their show. It is how you put people attracted to the show they are playing. How dramatic the music and formations that could catch the attention. Drum Majors are no more in the picture. And with the introduction of Colour Guard few years back. It makes the show interesting.

This year, Keat Hwa a.k.a KHMB showcasing their production theme - Spain.

Sound were solid. The steps were extremely crazy. Technicality wise, it is beyond the standard of secondary school. But there were points that could be sharpen on the whole, a job well done. I love the first movement and last movement a lot. I guess it is how the arrangement is. Crazily powerful. And the last part where the colour guard was thrown over the players. The ending was superb. In many occasions, I wonder where did all these high school students has the ability to like run through out the whole show and playing at the same time. Reminded me of what Nishihara of Japan did in 2010 production. Yes, you didn't read it wrongly. It is running. Not marching. And the solos! MAD!!!

Anyhow this is just a superb show. I know what it did to me was begging for more after it ends. Through out the show, my favorite part is from 8:37 onward. Love their crazy half step and jazz runs. Awesome job!! For those who are wondering what are jazz runs. Here you go. Jazz Runs on wiki.

If you guys wondering who are those fellas walking around while they are performing, they are the field judges.

Just to share with you guys. Anyway, time for bed for me. Nitey!!


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