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Friday, August 31, 2012

Cold Desert - Kings Of Leons

I'm on the corner waiting for a light to come on
that's when i know that you're alone
it's cold in the desert water never sees the ground
special ones walk on without sound

told me you love me, that i'd never die alone
hand over your heart let's go on
everyone knowed it everyone has seen the signs
i've always been known to cross lines

i never ever cried when i was feeling down
ive always been scared of the sound
jesus don't love me no-one ever carried my load
im too young to feel this old

nobody knows
nobody sees
nobody but me

Being gay isn't something that a person has a choice to be. Sometimes, the world just don't see it as how we are. But it also really how the understanding of oneself to realize the hardship that is being branded upon gay people. But this isn't a choice for us not to carried the load either. 

Listening to Kelly doing the cover of this song, I realize that how vulnerable life could be. Or it is just Kelly doing her thing. She is amazing by telling a story with her voice. I haven't had to ask her yet that what is going on in her mind while she was singing this song. 

To many she is just this bubbly beautiful women who looks at life at her own way. But she is one person who  never really tell anything to anyone even she is in pain. But somehow glad that she has found the man of her life. Glad to see someone who is able to put that big smile on her face. Back to the topic.

Somehow, I bet every gay men and women out there surely think that how could we be easily being accepted by the society? By education? By norm? How is the question that lingers on. Sometimes, I feel what the lyrics says is really beautiful. Especially this.

No one to carry my load, I am too young to feel this old. Nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody but me.
Listening her doing this cover really brings tears in my eyes. A really beautiful song, a beautiful life, a beautiful soul.


  1. Love, Kings of Leons.

    You seems to be a pretty big big fan of music eh ?

  2. I live for music and music is my life. I am working in the music scene Chen Xing! And hands down to Kings of Leons!!



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