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Monday, August 27, 2012


Everything was just fine hours ago. And out of no where, my emotions just changed. I really wish all these emotions will just leave me alone. Everything felt like it doesn't meant anything at all. I wish I knew why.

The pain returned and it is still bearable. But why do I feel all these mixed feeling. It's like my heart sank into a deep realm. I really couldn't explained at all. Of all the emotions that I am feeling, there is one that is quite clear. Hopelessness.

I really hate the fact all these emotions are so random. And it just screw me over out of the blue. I really wish Mr D is here now. Maybe he would be able to tell me why is all these crap going on. I really needed an emotion adjustment if there is such word. I was never in control and I wanna be. But how could I do so? I really wish I knew how.


  1. Relax yourself and clear your mind. Having a mix of emotions is never easy to handle. Sometimes a need to just sit down, relax your mind a little does help.

  2. Yeah mate! Thanks a lot. I kinda just needed to do something. My mom actually woke up and we had a good talk. Pretty much anticipating for some family time in the morning! Hopefully everything would be awesome again soon.

  3. we just moored and want to remember the feelings. it's make us still touching the heart beat. Soon, when someone walk in your life, you will forget and you will be forgot. Time will heals and tells.


  4. Somewhat true too Maxson. I would agree with you. But in someway, there are also part of it which is not relationship related. It is just that random feeling that kicked in once a while. But anyhow, its all better and good now. :)



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