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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Whenever this word comes up! I will always looking for the hole for me to climb out from it. It all started during lunch that we just ended.

Mom : Boy, your dad and I thinks you need your intervention.
Me    : Not again...

I wanted to like wheel myself out from the restaurant! It was mad! I wonder sometimes where did they ever come up with those conclusions. I am just speechless. I don't deny that sometimes whenever the pain attacks occurs, I will snap and just shut down. And of all people, I thought they knew. Somehow they didn't!

The recent attacks was just last night and yes, I snap again. I somewhat just couldn't control that. But the funny thing is those questions that comes out from my mom and dad.

Mom  : Boy, I think you need to get your sex life back! Your mood swings is getting outta control
Dad    : Boy, it is not wrong to have sex you know. Go get it!
Mom  : Yes, it is very natural! Even you don't have a partner now, you can just get any guy you wanted!
Dad    : Yeah, you should know we are ok with that!
Mom  : But you must remember that safe sex comes first!
Dad    : Maybe it is not such a good idea to have random sex.
Mom  : What era are you from?
Dad    : Look at him, he is still our boy!
Mom  : Oh please! He couldn't even count how many people he ever had sex with!
Dad    : That doesn't mean he have to do it now right? Maybe we should think again about it!
Mom  : It is just sex! He is a big boy now!
Dad    : Hmm... I wonder... Which role would he be!
Me     : DAD!!!!!!!!! Please.. I am having my lunch!
Mom  : Common! We wanna know more. It is just sex!
Dad    : Maybe he is right! Leave him alone.
Mom  : Boy, he is just old fashion! Don't think about what he says! You just get that balance back in you! I really don't mind! But those bed sheets...

Me    : MOM!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! If you guys are not gonna shut those pie hole, I am changing tables and eat alone! I wanna enjoy my lunch in peace! I am fine! Just please give it a rest!

Mom  : Ok. We are just concern! We love you! You know that right! Anyway, about the role...

Me     : MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just couldn't take it! What is wrong with them! I am so not having sex with anyone with them around! And it isn't about me not having sex and all. Oh my god! I really wanted to just pretend I don't know them at all. Sometimes, having to come out to your parents aren't a good thing! This is the drama I have to take in. I know they love me. But this is just not it! That is how my Sunday brunch goes with them.

Every time the word "Interventions" comes out. I just wish I am not the one they are talking to. Who knows what conclusions they might come up with again.

That is my parent! I love you! But please.. No Interventions!


  1. So, about the role...

    Lol, kidding !!!

    Indeed a very open-minded family you have there.


  2. Lol!Yeah they are but it is just a little too much to handle them sometimes!



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