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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Laughter Brights Up Every Soul

Laughter is always the best medicine~

I couldn't agree more than that. Somehow that is what friends are for. It all just started with a simple crappy post and she just got struck by it. It was I Dreamed A Dream - Les Mis post. Ok, common, who will love that song if there isn't that connection there.

It started of with just a normal conversation. Something wasn't right at all with her when I hear her voice. Somehow she opened up slowly. Somehow, I couldn't possible not relate to that "Special Connection" that Capricorn and Scorpio always have. I know this isn't all would understand. But that balance point with the two extremes. I feel every part of her that she was yearning for. It isn't anyone's fault but just the build up within her that leads to that breakdown.

Oh lord, the only thing was in my mind was just give her that hug that could calm everything down. But with our location, it isn't possible. Thousand miles away, I was just keep thinking how to make her feel better. But in the end, she did! And she love it and the conversation ended with such non stop laughter.

Sometimes, it isn't easy at all for anyone of us to be at anyone's position. But the thing we share between us is the understanding between us. And I am the only one to have that girl talk with her. (Sounded pathetic for me but true! Lovin it! :p)

The point is no matter where we are, sometimes, it just needed a friend when things looks bad. I know you will be reading this. This song Bella Notte on the playlist is specially for you. I know you will love it! Please read this with ya lappy~ You will hate me more when you hear it. No one would understand why but us! LOL!! I know I love you baby! This is for you!

For my readers wonder what makes her laugh non stop, please copy this link below and check it out. Just type your name and enter!

Try This! You will love it!

Remember this picture years ago from Boston??? Love you babe!! Smile!!!


  1. Oh yup, I do laugh it out most of the time.


    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  2. No worries!!! Thanks for dropping by mine too!! Just wanted to make her laugh at it.



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