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Friday, August 31, 2012

Brotherly Sanctuary

Honestly, having my brother around is the only thing that really make me feel home. He is like my own mirror and yet, hanging out with him is one of the reasons that keep me going. In many ways, he is like a beautiful part of my life.

He is born in 1995 and me in 1984. Yet age isn't a thing for the both of us. Mostly, I am like a younger brother to him. LOL.. Yeah, you didn't read it wrong. I love to annoy him very very much. Yet I think it is a thing that bonded us.

I don't know, somehow stupid funny things just happen to us all the time. And what my brother love to do is put them into comic. It is pure hilarious. Somehow he is just what I needed to keep on going in life. We shared a lot of things together. And my mom always says that both of us are trouble whenever we are together. You can say that again mom. hahah...

Just feeling really blessed to have him with me. Elvin, keep up the craziness! Love you loads!

Here are some of his comic works. I still laugh at them whenever I see them. It is just hilarious. And all of it are real life story!


  1. Lol, maknae is the youngest not younger brother isnt it?.. I thought its dongseng.. Haha, so big age gap!

  2. He was the one who came out with that. Yeah it is a big gap but somehow it doesn't really seems to matter to both of us. He is just like a mini me..

  3. That's really cool. Not many brothers get along well. Some how only family members knows us better.. :)

  4. Couldn't agree with you more AD!



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