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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living Everyday

What has been keeping me going on by far is still by your love.
I know by far,you are still having that inner pain going through you even you are a great controller of your emotions.
Baby, I really hope you are well.
Back in the hospital, I keep on making myself busy by writing.
It has been really a long time since I am able to write songs like this.
As much as I know, this is what I can do to keep myself reminded that living every moment is the way to love you.
I am not giving up.
I wrote something which really meant something.
I know it may sounded quite sad for a song.
But at least this is an honest one. While sitting in my bed last night. I wrote this and sang it myself.
I know I am not good in singing. But I just wanted to share this.
This is for my baby. I name this song "Even if it's wrong to choose"
I hope the readers would enjoy this as much as I do.
By far this is the most honest song I wrote in my 17 years of writing.
Do bear with my voice. I know I sounded very bad.
At the end, I tried my best to hold on my emotions which I really failed.
But like I say, I am myself and this song reflects part of my life.
I love you baby, as much as I needed you.
I will always be waiting for you.

As much pain as you are, I am going through with you.
Baby, no matter what it is, I will always be by your side.
Hold on there my love, when you are ready.
I just want you to know, there is someone waiting for you.
I love you, my Baby J~

If It's Wrong To Choose

I’m trying to understand, wouldn’t you won’t go,
I’m trying to figure out, how you love me so,
The one who breaks your heart,
The hands that let you go, the man you’re holding on to,
Would you’ve forgiven all.

Or maybe I should leave, would be easier,
Or find somebody to love you better.
But why I can’t let go, and a little piece of you.
The one that I fell in love with, and never will deserve.

But late at night, I watch you sleep.
Breath you in, and I see,

I need you. But I see I’m no good for you.
I need, but I just can’t do it.
So I go on, know that I’m wrong to choose.
I need you.

I keep pushing you away but it never works.
You just find a way back in, even when it hurts.
The man that I should be, and what you see in me.
But never let you end up here and set you free.

But late at night, I hold you close,
And I give in, you don’t notice,

I need you, But I see I’m no good for you.
I need, but I just can’t do it.
So I go on, know that I’m wrong to choose.

But I give you up, I let you burn,
Every time I end up on my knees,
That you know, I can’t believe,
You’re standing next to me,
And I start to pull away in your whisper,
Why can’t you see,

That I need you. I need you,
Can’t you see, I’m in love with you.
Well I need, but I just can’t do it,
So I go on, even if it’s wrong to choose.
But I need you.


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