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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Wondered if there would be any point...
consider what i’ve put you through..
even though you’ve always been there for me..
and you mean so much to me..

I’ve somehow managed to break your heart.
As if you haven’t already been though enough pain
I wanted to be the one you look up to.
But I realise Im not suited for that part.

I can imagine you feeling right now.
People I loved had treated me badly.
Left me wondering what I did wrong.
It was always my fault,
But you’ve done nothing wrong.
And I wish I could take back what I’ve done.
Let you know that i still love you.
But someone Like me can’t offer what you need,
What you deserve.. But I really love you and wish could take away your pain.
I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. 
I'm learning to be better,
The love you have shown is much greater than anything I have seen and feel.
But if you would forgive me one day~
Please look back at me. 
I will be only standing here waiting for you to give me a second chance to be your wedded husband.
I will always love you my love.


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