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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is the first time I wanna share pictures of myself going through all this.
As far as today, I started to have inflammation on my both hands.
I really have no idea why. And from a healthy person to a person I am now.
Somehow I decided to share this as I wanted to know this is only a part of life I am going through.
When in the near future, I will look back and say, " Oh my, I was in that state."

I am thankful that I am still living up to this moment.
I really wish that things will be fine soon.
I got up my courage and text my baby today.
Even he is still cold but I know deep down in him he needed someone to bring him warmth.
This is what I can do living 684km away from him now.

Somehow I know a lot of readers so far have given me a lot of strength.
I know somehow with everything that I am going through,
I am following my heart. Listening to footprints in the sand,
I know I need to get well and I must be strong at this point when you needed someone to love.
Baby, I love you and I will be well.
I know what I did in the past was wrong. I am not asking you to forgive me or anything.
But you can't stop me from loving you. I know with everything you are facing you really needed strength.
I will be at my best not letting anything to happen to me.

And I will always be by your side my love.

The pictures below are all the inflammation I am having on both of my hands now.
And there is one more that showed how much weight I have lost and how skeleton I am now.
But I am having a lot of faith and hope. I know I will always be there for you baby~ I promise.

This is my left arm. What they told me is the medication caused reactions to my body and resulted in the inflammation.

This is my right arm.

Right arm.

This is how skinny I am now. My height is 193cm and total weight is only 66kg as of 6:30pm July 20th 2010.


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