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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sun Will Shine Again

I had a relief when I saw you saying this baby.
I really wish you would be able to stand right up again.
In many ways, I am happy that you would see life in a beautiful manner no matter what you are going through.
As of for me, I will keep on bloggin and live behind all these words for now.

I can't say I do not miss being on facebook. But this is the best option as of now for me to be when I know you won't know anything about me.
I will not let you worry anymore. I will go on with myself here facing the rainy days myself.
I know that after the rain, there will be a rainbow.

Baby, all I can do is give you words of encouragement in my text.
I know we are not able to see each other for a long time.
I think at this point in my life, I really do not wish anyone to see me in this way.
Having said that, I still miss you every moment in my life.

Somehow in my recent blog, I did not mention about anything about my mistakes.
But in every way, I regret what I have done to you. I have really myself at remorse.
Every second, I know these are the consequences that I am facing.
Maybe the love we shared are not as strong as any others you have met.
I really wish one day you would forgive me in every way. In the name of our love.

I know everything will pass. I know everything will just fade away one day.
But I know I will not stop loving you. Somehow in many ways, I can't remember the moment we fell in love.
But the whole journey was a very beautiful one.
I still remember the night we sat by the pool side and you when down on your knees to ask me to marry you.
I love you in every way you did. At that point when I have no one you were there.
I really do love you. I know your sun will shine again.
I wish I will be your sun. But I know I gave that up the moment I hurt you.

Life isn't that miserable. Life isn't painful.
Even what I have been going through so far. I will not even complaint about anything.
I take life as a journey every single human being will have to go through.
I know when I am sad or feeling emo, I will continue to blog.
Throwing out every single emotions I have on words.
And I know I will be fine.

In a way, I feel sad for a lot of people out there in this world.
So many people, keep on complaining about life.
How badly they were treated. How badly their relationship was.
How badly they had with the people they have in their lives.

But I wonder, If they were in my baby's position, or in my position,
Will they able to really go through this?
Having said that, I still see a lot of people who are living everyday,
healthily, but wanted to end their lives.
I am not talking about me here. How about those people who are already had no hope of recovery?
I see their will to live are much stronger then them.
I felt so unfair. I felt anger in me. I felt sorrow.
People who are able to live wanted to give up their lives.
When people who are facing death, fighting so hard to live.

To me, I am really blessed that I am still living at this point of life.
Somehow, like I always say. To live is a way to love you baby.
I will never give up.
Yes, facing everyday in life is really hard for me.
facing the fact that we are no longer together is hard.
But the hardest thing is facing the fact we both still love each other so much.

We both are now conflicting with each other. In many ways,
A lot of people would say since that, it is enough for us to live happily together.
But to us, it is an answer only we both know ourselves.
I would be lying if I say that I do not want you to be in my life anymore as my spouse.
But in many ways, your wellness comes before anything to my interest.
There fore, Baby, I just wanted you to be happy.

And this will be enough for me to have my sun shine on me again.
I love you no doubt. I wanted to grow old with you.
I wanted to have our life together.
But I hope you will know one thing.
No matter what you are facing in life.
You will never face it alone. Even I am so far apart with you.
I will be there always. You will see my actions in life.
Even I may lose my battle. But I will always have the best for you.
Just because I love you very much.
After the rain, There will always be a rainbow~


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