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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Knowing at this point, it hasn't really reach to a point where I would lost of hope.
Not that hoping you will still come back to me.
But knowing that you still love me and gives me the strength in life.
The hope to keep on going in life.

In many ways, it seems very blurred now in life.
But everything must go on.
I know I have to get well in order to pay my dues.
I will not live in regret anymore in life.

Loving you is not just a love I think everyone would have.
Our love has built up to a way that no one could ever imagine that.
It is not just a relationship. It is a marriage.
Of two souls. Bring together in pain and to show affectionate.

My new life will begin soon. Without you this time.
I really would wish that everyday I would be able to wake up and see you smile, greeting me "Morning Baby"
In every single day now in my life, I will not stop loving you.
Instead I will love you even more. day by day, repaying all my mistakes.
I wish that one day, you would see what I am willing to do for our love.

Even I say that I am not hoping it will be a total lie..

Yes, I really hope we have a second shot to our future~

Baby, I love you.. very much~


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