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Monday, September 2, 2013

Drama Versus Peace

When it comes to life, no doubt that there will be a lil drama here and there. Some were conditioned, some were made. I somehow have my fair share of drama in life. But the fact that with everything that is on the plate right now, I just didn't want any kind of external made drama to be in my life.

All I have and all I need is the air that I would kill to breath. I am still searching for something that would pass me on. Well, I am not here to judge, and honestly, I am in a very peaceful and happy place right now. Nothing in the world I would give to exchange for the opposite. There are many that would love stirring up negativity and also things which they don't truly understand. And with that, I am staying out from all of that.

Peace is a sense that gives me not only pleasure but also the satisfaction in life. Especially now I am with my family and my love ones, nothing comes near for me to give that up. Staying humble at it's feet. I believe what I have. I believe what is given to me and I cherish that with my life.

The is really a group of people I really miss right now. I know there are a lot going on, and we are continents apart. Mikey is still in KL of course with Mr D. G is in Sweden or which ever country he flies to. Rainer & Danny in Aussie, and Cornflakes in Vietnam. I still talk to Shinigami on and off. Daus & Leo were always there for me. Byron is in Singapore right now and my gangz in LA & NY. My barbz! Those 3 is just amazing people that keep me going. I am just blessed to even have this minute to reminisce all those moments I have with you guys.

Some part of me, still wish that my short trip to Songkhla Thailand is longer. If my condition allowed, I will be heading back there in 2 weeks with Dumdum. Just you and me for 5 days 4 nights. The sun was just amazing. Sea were calm and the food was just awesome. It will be just perfect for just the two of us. The calmness that I am looking forward is just so.... divine.

Well, I know there ain't much interesting going right now. A big change is to come in days or even less for me. I wouldn't say it's something bad, but another challenge I suppose. But there ain't anything I can do to change that. So here are some of the pics I took on my short trip during the weekend. I hope I am well enough to head there in a few weeks time.

Anticipating the next time I step into this very ocean again. 


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